Dr Disrespect teases a collaboration with The Weeknd

Dr Disrespect recently hinted at an upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd
Dr Disrespect recently hinted at an upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd

Herschel Guy Beahm IV, aka Dr Disrespect, is one of the most formidable gaming personalities in the realm of streaming today, and is known for his larger-than life persona and characteristic swagger.

The Doc is also a skilled gamer, who often leaves fans in awe of his no-look kill shots and precise strategical plays, in games such as COD: Warzone among others.

Apart from streaming, the 38-year old 2 x time Champions Club leader also has a penchant for singing, and is a certified crooner, who is known for his elaborate music videos, replete with catchy beats and stunning visuals.

In the past, he has released music videos such as Alleyways, Red Skies and Eclipse, all of which have been certified as 'absolute bangers' by fans.

Now, in what could be a major tease regarding his upcoming music collaboration, Dr Disrespect has hinted at recording a song with none other than Grammy Award winner, The Weeknd.

Dr Disrespect x The Weeknd ?


The Weeknd is one of the most popular artists in the world right now, who has dominated the charts with bangers such as Starboy, Earned It and Blinding Lights.

Moreover, one cannot deny the fact that the very prospect of a Dr Disrespect x The Weeknd collab would undoubtedly send social media into an absolute meltdown. Also, The Doc's iconic black and red attire seems to have recently been reflected in The Weeknd's earworm of a track, 'Blinding Lights', where his attire perfectly complements the world of Dr Disrespect, thereby making him a natural fit for the Champions Club.

In a recent video by Esports Talk, a clip from one of Dr Disrespect's recent streams is played, where he teases an upcoming collaboration with The Weeknd:

"Listen I got The Weeknd hitting me up on my flip phone saying 'hey we should collaborate' ...I'm thinking to myself, ah let me see the contract , take a look at it you know...."

His phone then rings and he reveals that it none other than The Weeknd himself on the line:

"The Weeknd, I was just talking about you on the stream , Really excited, yeah. "

While The Doc could very well be trolling audiences, when it comes to the 2x time, its best to always expect the unexpected, as his recent 'conversation' with The Weeknd is sure to pique the interest of the online community.

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