Genshin Impact Chiori leaks show full character design and more details

Chiori's full character design leaked (Image via HoYoverse)

The Genshin Impact community rejoiced as the recent leak flood brought new information about upcoming Fontaine characters. Many players have shown excitement upon getting a glimpse at Chiori and her full character design. Keep in mind that leaks about this upcoming character have been circulating in the community since January 2023.

It was not until the arrival of recent leaks that players got to look at her concept art and model designs. Previous leaks have hinted at her Inazuma roots and connection to other Genshin Impact characters. Here is everything players need to know about Chiori from the latest leaks.

Genshin Impact: New leaks disclose Chiori's concept art and more

The recent Fontaine leak flood shared a full character design and concept art of what looked like an Inazuma character. Later, reliable leaker HoyoverseJapan confirmed that this design belongs to Genshin Impact's upcoming character, Chiori. Previous rumors had already anticipated her Inazuman origins, but these new leaks further strengthen this claim.

In the concept art above, She is using a kanzashi (Japanese hairpin) to maintain her sophisticated side updo ponytail. Although she appears to be wearing a frock, she has a sash around her abdomen, commonly used when wearing a kimono, and a corsage on the left wrist.

As a fashion designer, Chiori's own style and personality can be seen as she maintains an elegant blend of modern clothing mixed with Inazuma's traditional elements. The whole character design has a lot of floral elements, which reflects a lot about Chiori's personality. It is worth mentioning that this concept art is still subject to change, and the final design is yet to be revealed.

Other Genshin Impact leaks about Chiori

Previous leaks have suggested that Chiori will be an Electro character upon release. However, a recent leak from @Randialosleaker has claimed that the Inazuman will be a 5-star character instead. Information about her being playable has been circulating long before the current leak flood.

Further, she was earlier claimed to debut in 3.8 banners, but the officials did not release any drip marketing for Chiori during the launch of patch 3.7 updates, making her current release date unknown.

Genshin Impact's latest addition, Kirara, has in-game dialogs about Chiori that explain her personality and occupation. Based on the in-game descriptions, Chiori is an old customer that Kirara met at her courier job. As a famous Inazuma designer, she ran a clothing label in Fontaine. After witnessing Kirara's horrible attempt to follow recent trends, she made the outfit she currently uses in-game.