Genshin Impact leaks suggest Collei might be the next playable character from Sumeru

Collei may be released as a playable character soon (Image via Genshin Impact)
Collei may be released as a playable character soon (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact leaks have pointed to the possible release of Collei as a playable character in a future update. Collei is a unique character who has only appeared in the game's official webcomic, and she has some incredible untapped potential.

These Collei leaks point to her Elemental Skills undergoing testing during the game's internal beta, which may mean she will be featured in an actual release soon. Fans can find out more about these leaks here, along with some information about Collei's lore and history.

Collei may be playable soon, according to Genshin Impact leaks

[Reliable - Uncle Y] (Auto-translation) [Collei's] skills are done and are still being tested.Track record:SYP Leaks Archive, [่ˆ…-y] Channel: Uncle Dictionary:โ€ฆ

These new Genshin Impact leaks come from a reliable insider source who has stated that Collei's in-game skills are being tested internally. This means that Collei may be released as a playable character soon, and may even feature in an upcoming beta version.

Collei will likely be heavily tied to the release of Sumeru, as the upcoming region was pivotal in her story arc.

Collei is a Webtoon-only character. As a chronically ill child, her parents unknowingly surrendered her to the Fatui to save her life, where she became the subject of Archon Residue experiments.We have seen her summon "black fire." No Vision / other elemental powers are shown.

Collei was subjected to horrific experimentation by the Fatui, which left her infused with Archon Residue. This allows her to tap into some strange abilities that summon purple and black fire in the form of a fearsome serpent.

This ability can cause some serious damage to anything struck by it, and this gives Collei a ton of potential in battle. These abilities may be undergoing testing during the game's beta, as they are unrelated to any currently known elements.

1) The red ornament on Cyno's waist may or may not be a Vision.2) Nothing indicates Collei has or will receive a Vision. The data associated an "Elemental Burst Gadget" with her.Other playable characters w/o Visions include the Archons, the Traveler, and Dainsleif (assumed).

According to the current leaks, Collei does not have a Vision assigned to her, and players never saw her acquire one during the webcomic's story. This means that Collei may be one of the first Visionless characters to be released since the Archons, and she may even draw her power from outside the Elemental spectrum. Players will definitely want to keep their eyes peeled for upcoming leaks, as Collei may be one of the most unique characters released so far.

(Webtoon Spoilers)Cyno is a Sumeru scholar who answered Lisa's call for assistance. He performed a ritual that sealed away Collei's Archon Residue, cleansing her of her ailments.As of the most recent chapter, Collei's returned to Sumeru with him.

It's likely that Collei won't be playable until the region of Sumeru releases, as she sets off for the new region alongside Cyno, a scholar dispatched to help her ailment. Players who have long awaited the introduction of Cyno to the game may have another powerful character to look forward to alongside him.

Collei and Cyno have a powerful bond that has likely grown stronger during their travels, and they will definitely prove to be a strong duo once they release.

Genshin Impact's latest leaks have pointed to the upcoming release of Collei, and fans will want to keep an eye on their Primogems until she finally arrives.

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