Mickey Mouse Cookie could be coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom enjoys tremendous popularity in the U.S. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cookie Run: Kingdom enjoys tremendous popularity in the U.S. (Image via Sportskeeda)

In an unexpected move, Cookie Run: Kingdom (CRK) developer Devsisters has hinted at a possible collaboration with Disney. Unlike their last collab, with Japanese giant SEGA, which was heavily rumored for weeks before confirmation, this announcement has caught fans completely off guard.

Read on to find out more about a possible Mickey Mouse Cookie in CRK and how fans are reacting to it.

[BREAKING NEWS] A very peculiar Cookie Cutter has been discovered! πŸ‘€What's going on in the Cookie Kingdom? 🧐#Comingsoon

Fans speculate on Disney Characters possibly headed to Cookie Run: Kingdom


In classic Devsisters fashion, the announcement was made via a cryptic tweet. Although it cannot be wholly confirmed whether it will be a Mickey Mouse Cookie or some other Disney character(s), the collaboration with the company itself seems all but confirmed.

The presence of the Disney trademark in the bottom-right corner of the photo included with the announcement and the Disneyland-esque Cookie Castle displayed in the image are being considered as the main factors to back up this rumor.

Time to Meet New Friends! Welcome Sonic Cookie & Tails Cookie who are visiting the Kingdom!πŸ“¬ EVENT DETAILS1) Comment on this post and welcome Sonic Cookie and Tails Cookie in the Kingdom.2) Please make sure to include your Kingdom name and Server name in your comment.

In CRK's earlier collaboration with SEGA, players were only able to obtain the special Sonic and Tails Cookie(s) via the crossover event, and post that, the conclusion of the event has become unavailable. These Cookies were also in a different tier, appropriately named "Special".

It remains to be seen whether the rumored Mickey Mouse Cookie will also be available via an event only, and whether he will also be part of the Special tier.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom community, caught unawares by this development, was in a celebratory mood all day across social networks.

@CRKingdomEN Mickey Mouse?????

An user took a dig at the limited-time release of Sonic and Tails while discussing the new Cookie Run: Kingdom collab.

Many users were also concerned about the dynamics of a collaboration between giants like Disney and Devsisters.

It is very difficult to gage how a community will react to such a collaboration, because on one end, Fortnite successfully hosts several such initiatives to widespread acclaim, but the majority of Roblox users appear to be ticked off by their partnered events with the likes of Gucci and others.

It remains to be seen how fans will react to this addition to their favorite RPG, depending on both the content and method of its release.

Fans can track this space to check out all the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom releases as they come out.

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