“F**ks sake, not another advertisement”: Fans left in shock as Roblox announces yet another Gucci collaboration event

This will be Gucci's 3rd direct collaboration with Roblox (Image via Sportskeeda)
This will be Gucci's 3rd direct collaboration with Roblox (Image via Sportskeeda)

With metaverse and digital items being a constant ongoing discussion among gamers, Gucci has once again joined hands with Roblox to create another title centered around obtaining digital items from the designer label. The Sim City-like simulation game will be named "Gucci Town."

The game goes live tomorrow, but if the response to the announcement is any indication, it will not be very popular, with a large section of the community upset with the recurring use of the platform as a promotional channel by Gucci.

Read on to find out more about the latest collaboration between the two and how fans are taking on this news.

@gucci Fucks sake not another advertisement

Gucci Town coming to Roblox tomorrow: All you need to know


The game will presumably be a more expansive virtual world experience, building on Gucci Garden and other brand collaborations from the past. The main aim of past ventures has been to promote the sale of Gucci branded items on the platform.

This is a theme that is expected to continue into the game as well, but with an increase in the number and scale of items as it includes a fully fledged 3D world.

The earlier collaborations weren't to the liking of much of the Roblox community given the expensive price range of the in-game items.

With NFTs and digital items being all the rage, many companies are viewing virtual worlds as their next big set of consumers. Everyone from fashion labels like Diesel to sports goods companies like Nike is expanding into that category, and Gucci is supposedly trying to follow suit with these collaborations with Roblox.

Coming soon... #ManCity on @Roblox 🔜Keep a lookout for further details! 👀

Popular football club Manchester City also hosted a similar event with the developers some time back. It was met with a lukewarm and largely negative response.

Even a popular streamer like KreekCraft is receiving negative comments after he humorously replied to the announcement.

@gucci @Roblox send me some free gucci and i got u

Despite a slew of negative comments directed at KreekCraft, many users aired similar demands in response to the announcement.

@gucci @Roblox only gonna play the game if it gives me real gucci clothes irl
@gucci @Roblox Send me some free Gucci pls I would really appriciate it love gucci <3

With the average Roblox user on the younger side, many are questioning the rationale for selling such premium goods on the platform, virtual or otherwise.

@gucci @Roblox Stop advertising you on roblox, literal, who 7 year old child will buy somo overpriced shoes?

The majority of people were more opposed to the use of Roblox as a promotional vehicle than to the designer brand's virtual products themselves.

@gucci @Roblox roblox doing everything just to get their money, not paying attention at the community itself lmao.
@gucci @Roblox No hate but why do you keep advertising on Roblox?
@gucci @Bloxy_News @Roblox Ngl we just keep getting boring events on roblox now
@gucci @Roblox God I miss the good events. People don't want this!

Gucci fans also faced off against the platform's fans regarding the pricing issue of the brand's items.

@gucci @Roblox Your items are overpriced even on Roblox. Please stop, the only people who will be using this is most likely be people who want free items.
@Jasperagent_ @gucci @Roblox Gucci limiteds r literally some of the cheapest limiteds on the whole site, what are you even talking about 💀

Ever since the developers dropped the option to use third-party audio from other users, the community seems to have been repeatedly at odds with the developers regarding the platform's direction.

@gucci @Roblox The worst year in Roblox history...

Per usual, many users shared hilarious memes appropriate for the situation in response to the announcement.

@gucci @Roblox They said you lead your own company not join with roblox

The overall disappointment of the community seems to be centered around the change in attitude of the developers towards their fans. The game creation engine originally began as a community first platform.

Roblox's fanbase was one of the most loyal, with many of them choosing to build entire games similar to the ones they wanted to play on the platform rather than enjoying the actual titles.

If social media chatter is to be believed, the owners of the platform repeatedly ignoring feedback from users is the reason behind its decline in activity.

Fans should track this space to be in the know of all Roblox news and updates.

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