Scaramouche to be a playable Genshin Impact character, suggests in-game sprinting animation

Will Scaramouche be playable in Genshin Impact? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will Scaramouche be playable in Genshin Impact? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Scaramouche is easily one of the most talked-about characters in Genshin Impact. Also known as Kunikuzushi, he's No. 6 of Fatui's Eleven Harbingers, alongside Childe and Signora.

So far, the storyline has wasted no opportunity to portray Scaramouche as a villain. However, this does not mean that players do not want the character to be playable. Signora, for instance, is one of the most terrifying bosses in Genshin Impact, but players desperately wanted to unlock her.

Here's why Scaramouche could possibly end up as a playable character as opposed to Signora.

Scaramouche has sprinting animations in Genshin Impact

Characters in Genshin Impact are either playable or act as NPCs in quests and the open world. NPCs interact a lot in quests, but they do not seem to have unique animations for sprinting/running.


Interestingly, in one of the latest Irodori festival event quests, Kazuha discovers how Scaramouche sabotaged the diagram of the Goshintou blade.

Two players who were completing this quest in co-op mode somehow managed to move Kunikuzushi to an open position where it was evident that he has a sprinting animation.

irodori spoilershe then appears in the cutscene but he’s running away 😭

Before this, only footage of Scaramouche was released by prominent leaker Lumie, where the character was simply walking around.

scaramouche is taking in the sun*not a leak*

The fact that Scaramouche now has walking as well as running animations could be a hint towards him becoming a playable character in the near future.

Scaramouche might become a weekly boss in Genshin Impact version 3.1

As per some semi-credible leakers in the community, the new weekly boss in the 3.1 patch will be none other than Scaramouche. This largely depends on the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai as it might lead to unexpected delays.

[Semi-reliable - Alleged!DD] If the Covid situation in Shanghai doesn't affect HYV, the weekly boss in 3.1 will be Scaramouche.(Image 1: Post was made and quickly edited; Image 2: Original post quoted/summarized by another user in the thread.)

A lot of players took this leak as a confirmation of Scaramouche not being a playable character. However, it is important to note that there are many characters who are weekly bosses and playable as well.

Unlike La Signora, Scaramouche has an element and there's already weapon data related to him. All these factors suggest that he will undoubtedly be playable, but the release date is still a mystery.

If the leaks are true, then players could possibly look forward to unlocking Scaramouche in the 3.1 update. This would be similar to Childe becoming playable and a weekly boss at the same time.

Just a reminder that, unlike Signora, Scaramouche has had avatar / (potentially placeholder) element/weapon data for quite some time, now. He will be playable.It is unknown whether this boss fight indicates a release timeline, but we thought this news was big enough to share.…

It is clear that the hype for a playable Scaramouche among travelers in the community is immense. They cannot wait to use him in combat and make the most out of his potential Electro Catalyst playstyle.

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