Street Fighter 6 release date leaked, game launch now reportedly set for June 2023

More Street Fighter 6 news can come during The Game Awards (Image via Street Fighter 6)
More Street Fighter 6 news can come during The Game Awards (Image via Street Fighter 6)

Many Street Fighter 6 leaks have surfaced on the internet today, hinting at the release date of the game.

ResetEra users have noticed that the PlayStation store listing for the title seems to have been updated, with the new release date being set as June 2, 2023. What makes the leaks more convincing is the fact that there is also a listing for the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate versions of the game.

However, there is no official news from Capcom regarding the matter, and Street Fighter fans should take this leaked information with a pinch of salt.

Since there is no verified information, Capcom might just provide a different release date for the title after the conclusion of the second beta test, which will start in just a week.

Fans could get more Street Fighter 6 news during The Game Awards on December 8, 2022

Capcom is yet to provide fans with an official release date for Street Fighter 6. However, fans are looking forward to The Game Awards, which will be airing soon, for information on the title. The developers might just reveal some updates about the game and a potential 2023 release date.

Apart from The Game Awards, players are also looking forward to the second beta testing period of the new Street Fighter title.

The second beta will start on December 16, 2022, and end on December 19, 2022. Those who were a part of the first testing phase will automatically receive an invite for the second test.

However, Capcom will be increasing the pool this time, and new players will also be able to apply for the invite. To do so, they will just be required to create a Capcom ID and link it with the platform on which they want to play the game.


Registrations will close on December 11, 2022, so players looking to try out the beta have just a few more days to apply for it.

As it stands now, based on the leaks, Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2, 2023. It will reportedly arrive for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. The game will have cross-platform play, making it one of the most anticipated fighting titles of the coming year.