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Russia's biggest YouTube channel A4 is blatantly plagiarising MrBeast's thumbnails and fans can't get over it

Mr Beast
Mr Beast's content is being plagiarised by Russian channel A4
Modified 20 Feb 2021

Russia's biggest YouTube channel A4 has been found ripping off thumbnails used by popular YouTuber MrBeast. This is a blatant case of plagiarism.

The person behind the channel, Vladislav Bumaga, has also conveniently photoshopped his face onto that of MrBeast's.

Mr Beast, the 22-year-old philanthropist and popular YouTuber took to Twitter to inform fans about this bizarre find.

From his tweet, it's clear that A4 has copied the exact thumbnail designs used by MrBeast in his videos. That's not all. He has also photoshopped his face onto that of MrBeast.

"Photoshopped" MrBeast invites hilarious responses from fans online

Vladimir Bumaga is clearly a MrBeast impersonator. His style of content follows the same template.


From "surviving on an island" video to "the last one to leave a spinning door," several of his videos have been directly ripped off from MrBeast.

One Twitter user even highlighted the similarities with their merch, which bears an uncanny resemblance to MrBeast's colour palette and other aesthetic choices.

Several fans came up with hilarious responses.

These were some of the best on Twitter:


From the tweets, it appears that MrBeast is not the only YouTuber to have his thumbnails plagiarised by A4.


With plagiarism on the rise, content creators have started petitioning for thumbnails to fall strictly under the gamut of intellectual property.

Mr Beast should probably consider doing the same. The YouTuber has a reputation for being one of the nicer internet personalities, but he can't allow A4 or any of the other impersonators to get away with this. Making a stand will also help smaller content creators from not having their work plagiarised.

Time will tell if MrBeast will take any action.

Published 20 Feb 2021, 18:01 IST
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