Saints Row 2022: Exploring all skills shown so far in the upcoming reboot

The upcoming reboot in Volition's GTA-clone series seems to include more RPG elements than ever before (Images via Deep Silver Volition)
The upcoming reboot in Volition's GTA-clone series seems to include more RPG elements than ever before (Images via Deep Silver Volition)

The upcoming open-world action-adventure, simply titled "Saints Row", marks the return of Volition's iconic series after quite some time. This latest entry is a reboot of the series, highlighting an all-new experience, ranging from a new cast to a brand new setting. Amidst many improvements to the core Saints design, it also features many new and interesting additions.

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One of these is a skill system, allowing players to spice up their playstyle. Thanks to a wide variety of weapons, from melee ones to firearms, players can approach missions in whichever way they prefer. As such, there are a good variety of skills to be unlocked as well, which should aid further in causing even more havoc in Saints Row.

Here is every skill showcased thus far in Saints Row

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To access these skills, players must whip out their in-game smartphone and click on the Skills icon. Doing so brings up a menu where skills are unlocked through progression, i.e., leveling up. Many of these skills are not passive, and as such, they need to be equipped to take effect. Only up to four skills can be equipped on the player character at a time in Saints Row. Using these skills spends a resource called Flow, highlighted by diamond icons atop the player's health bar. Flow also recharges during combat.

Note that the level number shown next to the skill name is the level that skill will be unlocked at.

  • Pineapple Express (level 2): Grab an enemy, drop a grenade down their pants, and throw them.
  • Smokescreen (level 3): Drop a smokebomb at your feet to confuse enemies.
  • Proximity Mine (level 4): Place a sticky mine that explodes when enemies are near. Damage increases shortly after placement.
  • Health Upgrade (level 5): Maximum Health increased permanently.
  • Tough Mother (level 6): Gain a temporary health boost to absorb damage from enemies and negate staggers.
  • Frag Out (level 7): Throw an explosive anti-personnel device.
  • Flow Upgrade (level 8): Maximum Flow increased permanently.
  • Flaming Punch (level 9): Ignite your fist for an explosive punch.
  • Health Upgrade (level 10): Maximum Health increased permanently.
  • Transfusion (level 11): When active, heal yourself and your friends by hurting enemies.
  • Overscope (level 12): Pull out a powerful sniper rifle. Headshots explode and damage nearby enemies.
  • Impulse Trap (level 13): Throw an anti-gravity device that lifts enemies into the air, maing them vulnerable to a quick shot.
  • Flow Upgrade (level 14): Maximum Flow increased permanently.
  • Health Upgrade (level 15): Maximum Health increased permanently.
  • Berserker (level 16): While active, your melee attacks deal more damage.
  • Intercession (level 17): Call in some Saints to help you fight.
  • Quick Draw (level 18): Pull out a powerful revolver to then quickly gun down up to four enemies.
  • D4th Blossom (level 19): Spin around and fire bullets in every direction.
  • Flow Upgrade (level 20): Maximum Flow increased permanently.

At just level 20, the character progression seems slightly shallow at first glance, especially considering the previous Saints Row entries allowed characters to max out at level 50. However, the game is not out yet, so readers will have to wait patiently and see what the game looks like after its release.

Explore Santo Ileso, create your own Boss, and establish a successful crime empire when Saints Row drops on August 23, 2022. It will be arriving on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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