5 GTA melee weapons that are fun to play around with

There is a method to GTA madness (Image via GTA5-Mods)
There is a method to GTA madness (Image via GTA5-Mods)

There is nothing more satisfying than a GTA player taking a knife to a gun fight and winning the encounter.

Melee weapons in the GTA series are mostly useful in single-combat, especially against unarmed enemies. Weapon types include blades, clubs, and the occasional random gift.

While guns are a better guarantee of survival, melee weapons can be a fun alternative.

The GTA series is home to several devastating tools of destruction. Blood stains will spill out on the streets if a player chooses to do so. Melee weapons, such as the chainsaw and katana, provide mindless entertainment for the players.

It's up to them to use it in creative methods.

Five fun-to-play melee weapons in the GTA series

#5 - Chainsaw


Violent games and chainsaws go together like a pack of ketchup to fries. One of the most recognizable weapons in cinematic history is the rusty chainsaw. GTA players can turn a quiet suburban neighborhood into a horror movie.

Notably, it causes severe damage to vehicles.

The blood splatter effect is brutal yet visually striking. GTA players can mow down several enemies at once with a chainsaw.

The one downside is how heavy it is; players will be forced to move slowly while they wield this weapon. Chainsaws give a distinct rattling sound when they go off.

While it was a classic staple of the 3D universe, it's mostly absent in the current generation. Chinatown Wars is the only GTA title from the HD era where the chainsaw can be used. It would be interesting to see how chainsaws would work in the new game engine.

#4 - Katana


GTA players can enact scenes from a kung fu movie with their katana. It's a prominent weapon in the 3D Universe. With the exception of GTA 3, it appears in every game of that era. However, it's missing in the HD Universe.

Katanas are powerful melee weapons with the potential to one-hit kill enemies. There is a chance that a single stroke of the sword will result in decapitation.

It results in a fountain of blood not uncommon in the Kill Bill movie franchise. For this reason, katanas are unmatched as cutting tools.

In comparison to the chainsaw, katanas are lightweight and easy to carry. They are useful whenever a player runs low on ammo and needs to converse. Great risk involves great reward, as killing enemies with a katana is very satisfying.

#3 - Stone hatchet


Upon the release of the hotly-anticipated Read Dead Redemption 2, GTA Online celebrated with an After Hours update. The stone hatchet is an immensely powerful battle ax that triggers rampages (similar to Trevor Philips in GTA 5). This is the oldest looking weapon in the entire game.

To obtain a stone hatchet, GTA Online players must complete a series of five bounty targets. Once they finish the job, players will unlock the stone hatchet. While players can use the rampage mode, it's only available on free roaming.

It's a fair trade for 12 seconds of near-indestructibility.

There is a 30 second cool-down period after using the rampage ability. If a player is bored or strapped for cash, they can perform a 25 kill challenge with a stone hatchet. Should they succeed in their task, they will receive $250,000.

#2 - Flowers


When CJ brings the flowers, he's going to take someone out. For his girlfriends, it's dinner; for his enemies, it's an early death. At the very least, CJ will already have the flowers ready for their funerals.

Flowers are a club-based weapon with strangely higher attacking power than normal fists. They can also inexplicably explode gas pumps at a station. It's GTA logic, but that's what makes it fun.

Out of all the melee weapons in the GTA series, this one is a great way to cherry tap enemies.

GTA players can give their girlfriends flowers to improve their relationship value. Having flowers in a player's inventory also increases their sex appeal. These flowers are commonly found in various locations throughout the map.

#1 - Dildo


This might be a surprise for GTA players but the dildo is indeed a useful weapon to deal with enemies. Despite the unconventional nature of its usage, players can get the job done without much fuss. Having said that, getting rid of arch-foes in GTA has never been weirder.

GTA San Andreas players can also use it as a gift for their girlfriends. As a result, it serves a similar function to the flowers of the same game. With that being said, the damage output is very low, akin to using fist-to-fist combat.

As it stands, players can only use it in GTA San Andreas. However, the weapon serves as a background element in various games afterward, such as GTA 5. Rockstar Games is nothing if not consistent with their ribald humor.

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