Every girlfriend CJ had in GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson can have multiple girlfriends in the course of the GTA San Andreas story (Image via Pinterest)
Carl Johnson can have multiple girlfriends in the course of the GTA San Andreas story (Image via Pinterest)

Carl Johnson is quite the ladies' man in GTA San Andreas. He can impress a woman almost as well as he can handle a handgun.

CJ can have multiple girlfriends in the course of the GTA San Andreas story. Players can raise their relationship level through successful dates. Once the relationship is maxed out, players will have full access to outfits, cars and rewards that are specific to their girlfriend.

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The history of CJ's girlfriends in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is the first GTA entry to introduce a dating system. The feature got carried over to GTA 4 before getting dropped altogether in GTA 5.

GTA San Andreas allows CJ to have up to six girlfriends, with an extra one for GTA storyline purposes only.

#1 Denise Robinson


GTA San Andreas establishes a dating system with a mission called Burning Desire. Right after CJ saves Denise Robinson from a blazing home, she asks him if he would like to date her. Once he accepts her offer, she becomes the first dateable girlfriend in GTA history.

Denise lives right across the cul-de-sac in Grove Street, which makes it easy to meet up with her. Players should meet her between 4:00 PM and 6:00 AM. Once CJ gets a 50% rating, he gets access to her green Hustler. A 100% rating gives him the stylish Pimp Suit.

#2 Catalina


When CJ takes a trip to the countryside, he meets a mentally unstable criminal known as Catalina. Reluctantly and against his best judgment, he pursues a romantic relationship with her.

However, the relationship doesn't last very long, as Catalina breaks it off before eventually betraying CJ for Claude.

Catalina is a girlfriend who exists for storyline purposes. Players cannot date her in the game itself.

#3 Helena Wankstein


Located in a makeshift shooting gallery near Ammunation, Helena is a gun nut who likes slow drives across the countryside. She is quite specific about her tastes in men. She prefers CJ to have great sex appeal and low muscle/fat.

Helena provides arguably one of the more useful girlfriend rewards - a toolshed with powerful weaponry. With this toolshed, players will have better accessibility to pistols, chainsaws, flamethrowers, and Molotov Cocktails. A 50% rating gives CJ the keys to a Sadler, while a 100% rating gives him a set of rural clothing.

#4 Katie Zhan


Katie Zhan will be found practicing yoga at a park in San Fierro. Given her profession, she has a morbid fascination with injuries and death.

Katie gives players the ability to get out of hospitals free of charge. A 50% rating allows to players drive her uniquely white Romero, while a 100% rating lets CJ don a medical outfit (similar to what paramedics wear).

#5 Michelle Cannes


Located in the San Fierro driving school, Michelle is the only girlfriend found within an interior building. A mechanic with a life-long passion for cars, she enjoys high-speed drives down the hillside roads.

Dating Michelle allows CJ to use her auto repair shop, which is basically a free Pay 'n' Spray. However, if the player has less than $100, they will not be accepted due to a glitch. A 50% rating gives CJ keys to her monster truck, while a 100% rating gives him appropriate racing gear.

#6 Barbara Schternvart


Barbara Schternvart, a divorced mother of two, lives out in the desert area of Tierra Robada. Interestingly, her job in law enforcement is in contrast with CJ and his criminal lifestyle.

If CJ dates Barbara, he will no longer lose his weapons and armor upon arrest. Given the difficulty of late-game missions in Las Venturas, it gives players more breathing room. A 50% rating lets players access Barbara's Ranger, while a 100% rating gives CJ a police uniform.

#7 Millie Perkins


Millie Perkins, a croupier at Caligula's Palace, is one of two storyline girlfriends in GTA San Andreas. She has a penchant for pain and pleasure, given her BDSM fetish. Woozie instructs CJ to date her so she can give the group access to an important keycard.

Millie doesn't give CJ any rewards for a 100% rating, since the Gimp Suit is her special outfit. For a 50% rating, however, he will get access to a pink club. The player needs 35% to get the keycard for the casino heist.

Strategic-minded players with a cruel streak can simply kill her instead, since dating doesn't count as 100% completion.

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