GTA 5 Cheats

Last Modified Dec 02, 2021 06:42 GMT

Cheat codes are special codes or methods which allow gamers access to advantages such as extra lives, more power, extra equipment and higher levels.These cheat codes that are created by the developer may also be known as Easter eggs that are hidden in a game.

The purpose and origins of cheat codes came from the fact that during the early days of video game development, developers did not have the kits to bypass entire levels.Instead, to test or to get through a level quickly, a cheat code would come in handy and would be kept in the game for players to have fun with. The GTA franchise has contained all sorts of cheat codes.

The GTA franchise has had some iconic cheat codes in games like GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, some of which even led you to drive cars on water. GTA V is one of the few games that came out during 2013 to incorporate cheat codes.Cheat Codes in GTA 5 allow the player to apply character enhancement, alter in-game combat or spawn vehicles instantly to help make gameplay a little more exciting.

GTA 5 was already a pretty fun game, but using cheat codes can elevate the amount of fun one can have by a whole lot. Using GTA 5’s cheats can open up all sorts of gameplay opportunities players had not experienced previously. If one ever felt like the game world felt a little too quiet and calm, using a couple of GTA 5 cheats might help the player turn up the volume by several notches.