Five characters in the GTA series more deranged than Trevor Philips

Trevor in his natural state (Image via Flickr)
Trevor in his natural state (Image via Flickr)
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Trevor Philips has a legendary reputation for his crazy antics, but there are other GTA characters who make him look sane by comparison.

Given the general insanity of the GTA universes, it's easy for anyone to go a little crazy. Trevor Philips stands out among them for his lack of mental stability, explosive mannerisms, and penchant for extreme violence. Despite his ax-crazy nature, there are other characters who rival him in that department.

Behind Trevor's demented persona lies a few redeemable qualities, such as his protective behavior with Michael's children. However, the same cannot be said for others. The GTA series has no shortage of deranged characters, which the games happily provide in heavy supply.

Five GTA Characters More Disturbed Than Trevor Philips

#5 - Spaz Funbags


While not nearly as well known as the rest of the list, Spaz Funbags from GTA 2 certainly has a few loose screws. Mentally insane, Funbags might possibly be a member of the dangerous Loonies gang. He is the head DJ of Lithium FM radio, where he cartoonishly makes over-the-top sound effects.

Funbags constantly rambles about various topics, such as when he apparently told a judge "she was asking for it, your honor." His vocal tone changes throughout the entirety of his random bursts of dialog. Funbags is more like a GTA live-action cartoon, given his eccentric personality.

Lithium FM is barely over ten minutes long, given the limitations of GTA 2. Nonetheless, despite what little time he is given, Funbags certainly makes an impression on his listeners.

#4 - Catalina


Claude and CJ don't get along very well, but they can agree on one thing - Catalina is crazy. Given her hair-trigger temper, even minor incidents can result in bloody aftermath. Catalina changes her mood every few minutes, which makes it difficult for CJ to understand her current motivations.

Catalina likely had a difficult childhood, since she alludes to a situation where a stepfather gives his daughter nothing but stale bread. Nonetheless, this doesn't excuse the widespread destruction she causes in both GTA 3 and San Andreas. She cannot resist her killing urges, simply because it's too much fun for her.

By the time she met her end in GTA 3, Catalina was a drug queenpin of a violent and dangerous cartel. Liberty City was never a safe place to live, but Catalina was certainly one of the main reasons.

#3 - Donald Love

Donald Love (Image via GTA Wiki)
Donald Love (Image via GTA Wiki)

Donald Love is a man of violent intentions. While he doesn't commit any crimes himself, he leaves the dirty work to the likes of Claude and Toni Cipriani. As a real estate developer, Love orders the bombing of entire districts to gain himself property. He certainly learned from his former mentor Avery Carrington.

What makes Donald Love truly disturbing is his penchant for eating human ribs. The cannibalistic businessman had Carrington killed when he arrived in Liberty City, only to eat away at his flesh shortly afterward. According to Love, it tastes like sentient chicken. He certainly gave Patrick Bateman a run for his money.

#2 - Peter Dreyfuss


Art is suffering, according to Peter Dreyfuss. The movie director is a better fit for the horror genre, given the various horrific crimes he committed. In GTA 5, Franklin collects a series of letter scraps to uncover the truth of a mysterious murder. Once he finds them all, he learns the grisly fate of Vinewood starlet Leonora Johnson.

Dreyfuss tortured and killed her to satisfy his creative visions, cutting off parts of her body while she was alive. He then sent those body parts to her family. The sick-minded director claimed he was the one who suffered the most for his artistic works, although his actions prove otherwise.

Once Franklin confronts him for his ghoulish deeds, Dreyfuss tries to talk his way out of the situation, but fails and runs for his life. Given the mission's gold objective and Weazel News report after the incident, it's all but confirmed Franklin killed Dreyfuss in a vigilante act of street justice.

#1 - Eddie Low


The lowest of the low, Eddie embodies every single depiction of a serial killer stereotype. He loves to mutilate, torture, mangle, and tear apart his victims all across Liberty City. Eddie can even tell apart different burrough accents based on their screams. Dead or alive, he always has his way with their bodies.

Eddie is a psychopathic manchild with a lack of social awareness. He ends up freaking out Niko Bellic in GTA 4, simply because he cannot stop bringing up uncomfortable subject matter. By the time Niko takes him out like a trashbag, Eddie had already made a name for himself as a highly prolific killer.

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