5 best weapons in GTA San Andreas

Image via gtaall
Image via gtaall

GTA San Andreas is known for its deadly missions and spine-chilling quests. In a world so perilous, the player must be armed to the teeth at all times.

There are several options to choose from. GTA San Andreas shops and warehouses are a world on their own, but not everything is worth the price it is often tagged for.

This article looks at the five best weapons that a player must have in their arsenal to survive in GTA San Andreas.

Five most potent GTA San Andreas weapons:

#5 Tear Gas:

Image via gtaall
Image via gtaall

In San Andreas, the player can never have too many weapons. But the Tear Gas is a must-have.

Tear gas comes in handy when the player needs to make a quick escape and serves as a multi-purpose thrown weapon.

Whether the player needs to take down the enemy or blind a bunch of vexing foe who are getting in the way, tear gas will serve as a loyal companion.

Exposing another player to the deadly effects of tear gas for a minute too long can also result in a brutal but satisfying death.

#4 Fire Extinguisher

Image via gtaall
Image via gtaall

In San Andreas, unprecedented fires, even infernos, are considered quite normal. Roaming around without a handy tool like a fire extinguisher is unwise, if not dangerous.

While not necessarily the most useful weapon in the artillery, a fire extuinguisher really comes in handy when trying to pester pedestrians and police officers in San Andreas.

More than anyhting, one can never go wrong boinking people in the head with a fire extinguisher. Certain missions will require players to use the extuingisher to put out fires, but otherwise, its the joke "weapon" to have around.

Besides that, the fire extinguisher can also serve as a weapon in a close encounter situation where guns and other weapons might fail.

#3 Silenced Pistol:

Image via gtaall
Image via gtaall

While heavy rifles and fancy handguns are rather popular in San Andreas, the unrivaled power of a silenced pistol is criminally underrated.

There are times when a player would prefer stealth over a direct approach. This is when the silenced pistol comes in handy.

The silenced pistol is another must-have weapon in the world of San Andreas, where upfront attacks can sometimes do more harm than good.

#2 Uzi

Image via the gtaplace
Image via the gtaplace

The Uzi is a powerful and lightweight weapon that enables the player to immediately end the rival. Due to its compact frame and user-friendly technology, the Uzi will not slow the player down while on the run.

Once the player gets past the Hitman Level, they will yield another handheld weapon along with the Uzi to get the most out of a situation. That is a certain asset in the game.

#1 M4 Assault Rifle

image via gtaall
image via gtaall

Also know as the Carbine Rifle, this mighty Battle Rifle offers the ultimate shooting experience with its astonishing ammunition capacity of 50 rounds and brutal accuracy.

Moreover, the Assault Rifle is the go-to choice of criminal prodigies and deadly mafia groups.

With the M4 Assault Rifle, the player can shoot down multiple enemies simultaneously and end those frowning cops.

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