5 powerful weapons in GTA 4 and its DLC content

Never mess with an RPG-wielding maniac (Image via Rockstar Games)
Never mess with an RPG-wielding maniac (Image via Rockstar Games)

Much to the detriment of Liberty City, GTA 4 and its DLC episodes are in no short supply of destructive weapons.

Whether a GTA player blows up vehicles with explosives or takes out enemy waves with a high-powered rifle, underground Ammu-Nations have just what they're looking for. GTA 4 and its DLC content provide their players countless hours of mayhem and maniacal demolition.

With the introduction of Lost and Damned, alongside Ballad of Gay Tony a while later, GTA 4 players could finally sink their teeth into more potent weapons. These can prove quite helpful during challenging missions, especially those with too many enemies to deal with. The proper gun can be a great equalizer in these situations.

Five devastating GTA 4 and related DLC weapons

5) Automatic shotgun


Ballad of Gay Tony introduced the automatic shotgun, which remains exclusive to this GTA title. Besides the standard bullets, players can also opt for the more explosive variety, and it can be bought for $1,250.

Automatic shotguns carry up to 250 regular shells, while the explosive version has up to 600. A standard automatic shotgun has enough power to remove enemies with less than three hits, thanks to high damage output. However, it's the explosive version that's a sight to behold.

GTA players only need a single hit to take out their targets. Meanwhile, it took only two or three to ignite a vehicle and set off a fiery explosion. It's especially useful for gang wars, given the enemy waves can be overwhelming.

Luis Lopez could definitely use this as his primary weapon of choice.

4) Advanced sniper


Here is another exclusive GTA weapon for Ballad of Gay Tony. The advanced sniper is a powerful long-range rifle that provides players extreme accuracy. Any target hit with a single bullet will go down in a single move. But it only costs $4,750, making it an expensive weapon to pick up.

Yusuf Amir gives players a chance to use the weapon in Caught With Your Pants Down. After the mission, GTA players can purchase this weapon from Armando Torres, a friend of Luis. Every magazine costs around $200.

Advanced sniper rifles are a must-buy for any GTA player. A skilled shooter can make quick work of any target with this devastating weapon.

3) Grenade launcher


The grenade launcher first made its appearance in the GTA 4 DLC episode Lost and Damned, in addition to Ballad of Gay Tony. Interestingly, it was supposed to make an appearance in Vice City, but it's likely the developers couldn't make it work with the technology they had at the time.

With careful aim and the right trajectory, a grenade launcher will destroy enemies and vehicles alike. GTA players have much greater distance with this weapon than simply hand tossing a regular grenade. It's also as explosive as a pipe bomb.

It costs $7,000 once it becomes available for purchase. Grenade launchers are a necessity in gang wars, especially when enemies start to swarm the area. GTA players should also be careful if they start using this particular weapon, as it can end runs in a matter of seconds.

2) Carbine rifle


One of the most reliable weapons in GTA 4 is the carbine rifle. Its stellar performance allows it to be used in close-range combat and at a considerable distance. However, players should be mindful that the further they are away from a target, the more the bullets start to spread.

Carbine rifles are great at any point in the game, not just at the beginning. GTA 4 players can depend on good precision, as well as a decent fire rate. They can provide clutch moments during difficult missions like Hostile Negotiation, where there are several enemies to finish off.

It only costs $5,000 to get access to the carbine rifle. GTA 4 players should be on the lookout for this weapon, given how useful it can be in certain situations.

1) RPG


GTA 4 is not without its explosive moments, thanks to the help of the classic RPG. It's a basic staple of GTA weapons and often one of the last available.

At a whopping $15,000, it's one of the most expensive weapons in GTA 4. However, the DLC episodes reduce the price to $10,000. As a high-powered heavy weapon, the RPG will get the job done no matter what. With enough money, players will not have to worry about anything.

Enemies will not be able to survive the oncoming missile. However, players should be careful not to accidentally hit themselves, especially if they're near a random obstruction like a wall.

RPGs are difference makers in any context, whether it's a gang war or a single target in a vehicle.

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