5 entertaining missions in GTA 4

GTA 4 is a roller coaster of emotions (Image via the VideoGameGallery blog)
GTA 4 is a roller coaster of emotions (Image via the VideoGameGallery blog)
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A life of crime isn't easy in the gritty world of GTA. Life-threatening situations are a constant reminder of how dangerous this lifestyle is. However, this doesn't matter as long as the entertainment value remains high.

GTA 4 provides its players with countless hours of entertainment, courtesy of its missions. Whether it's a deal gone wrong in an art museum or a high-stakes bank robbery, players can always expect the unexpected.

5 awesome missions in GTA 4

#5 - Hostile Negotiation


In this mission, Niko Bellic has to save his brother Roman from a hostage situation. Before he can do so, he must gun down goons throughout a broken-down warehouse.

This is one of the hardest missions in GTA 4. Nonetheless, it's very satisfying to see Niko release his pent-up frustrations against Dimitri Rascalov's minions.

Hostile Negotiation is a personal mission for Niko since family is everything to him.

#4 - Museum Piece


It's not every day that GTA players can bring down a gigantic T-Rex skeleton.

Museum Piece is a GTA 4 mission that involves a rather interesting location - the Libertonian. The museum serves as a historical landmark for art collections and ancient fossils.

In this mission, Niko has to put his weaponry skills to good use during a disastrous diamond deal. The grand entrance hall serves as the venue for the epic showdown.

Players can only enjoy this mission once since the Libertonian is otherwise inaccessible.

#3 - The Holland Play


Players have two choices to make during The Holland Play - either kill Dwayne Forge or Playboy X. Most players consider it to be a completely one-sided decision. Killing Dwayne only gives them money, which is not difficult to earn in Liberty City. Killing Playboy, on the other hand, is a more rewarding experience.

For their act of kindness towards Dwayne Forge, GTA 4 players are rewarded with a high-rise penthouse with internet access, a pool table, and parking. There is also a GTA 3 Easter egg in the form of Claude's outfit. Finally, players can befriend Dwayne and potentially call him for back-up anytime.

#2 - A Dish Served Cold


Dimitri Rascalov is a detestable man who is only loyal to himself. Niko learns this firsthand when Dimitri betrays him, leaving him for dead against a kill squad.

Once Niko survives, Dimitri promises to make his life a miserable one. He almost makes good on his promise in Hostile Negotiation.

At the end of GTA 4, players are given the choice of taking a deal or seeking revenge against Dimitri. Should players choose the former, they must survive a shootout on the Platypus.

A Dish Served Cold brings poetic justice to Niko Bellic, as he finally kills Dimitri on the very same boat which brought him to Liberty City.

Dmitri is one of the most despicable villains in GTA history. By choosing the Revenge option, not only do players finish him off for good, but they also save Roman from inevitable death (if the deal is taken).

#1 - Three Leaf Clover


Almost every list of awesome GTA 4 missions has Three Leaf Clover. This mission is what inspired GTA 5 and GTA Online to incorporate heists as their core gameplay experience.

Three Leaf Clover is reminiscent of an action-packed movie sequence. Niko and the McReary family must rob the Bank of Liberty, taking in $250,000 as a cash reward. Players must clear the path of several officers and S.W.A.T. members, including an attack chopper.

It's a difficult mission, but it's worth the price of admission. From shootouts on the streets to an underground subway escape, players have to think on their feet in order to survive this mission.

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