5 reasons why GTA fans love Johnny Klebitz

"Man, I am going straight to hell." (Image via GTA-IVplayer on DeviantArt)
"Man, I am going straight to hell." (Image via GTA-IVplayer on DeviantArt)

Johnny Klebitz may be lost but he's not truly forgotten by fans of GTA 4; the biker gang leader made a great impact.

When Johnny was unceremoniously killed off in the events of GTA 5, fans were furious over his undignified end. Those who played the Lost and Damned episode of GTA 4 have grown attached to the ruthless biker. Through his trials and tribulations, Johnny went through hell and back to get what he wanted.

Lost MC isn't what it used to be due to the events of GTA 5 and GTA Online. However, the memory of Johnny Klebitz still lives on. He was a tough-as-nails criminal outlaw who never took "no" for an answer. For that reason, and many others, his angered fans are still resentful of Trevor Philips to this day.

5 reasons why Johnny Klebitz is popular with GTA fans

#5 - Johnny is a great fighter


In GTA 4 and its episodic content, Johnny is a dangerous combatant in any given situation, whether it's a bar room brawl or a gang shootout. It makes his death at the hands of Trevor especially tragic, since the old Johnny would never go down as easily as he did. Drug addiction often leads to death's door.

Johnny was a one-man army who could take out several enemy waves all at once. Along with his fellow brothers, he wields powerful shotguns and explosive weaponry that turns Liberty City into a warzone. His skill in riding a bike is a major strength, especially when shooting down rival biker gangs.

By the end of Lost and Damned, Johnny and the remaining members of Lost MC break into a prison facility to finish off Billy Grey. Even someone like Trevor would have great difficulty fighting this version of Johnny.

#4 - He is a deadpan snarker


Lost and Damned is a much darker GTA experience for players, compared to other entries before and after. Nonetheless, Johnny does provide dry humor to lighten the tone. GTA voice actor Scott Hill delivers sarcastic remarks with the greatest of ease, such as when Johnny jokingly wants to apply for a gentlemen's club.

Roman's kidnapping has black comedy potential, especially with the chemistry between Johnny and fellow biker Malc. There are laughs in Lost and Damned, even if they are few and far between the seriousness of the story.

#3 - Johnny deeply cares about his friends


Loyalty means everything to Johnny. He always tries to look out for the Lost MC, whom he considers true friends. Their relationship is built on blood, sweat, and tears, as the brotherhood has dealt with many hardships together. Johnny rides the highs and lows with the likes of Jim, Terry, and Clay.

However, it's his undying commitment to Ashley Butler that demonstrates his willingness to help those close to him. Johnny tried several times to get her into rehab. Eventually, while he wishes her all the best, he cannot continue their relationship and tries to cut ties with her. He can only do so much.

What proves his undoing, unfortunately, is getting back with Ashley after the events of GTA 4. She never fully recovers from her drug addiction, and tragically brings down Johnny to a world of darkness. They both died in GTA 5, heartbroken and completely destroyed.

#2 - He is an anti-hero through and through


While he is a criminal mastermind responsible for countless deaths, Johnny only has the best intentions for the Lost MC. The brutish life of a biker gang is all he knows and will ever know, yet he has a compulsion to act compassionately.

Despite this, he wants the Lost MC to think before they act on anything. Johnny is not nearly as detestable as the likes of Billy Grey. At least Johnny cares about his fellow riders, since Billy tries to sell them out later.

#1 - Johnny gives his entire life for the Lost MC

Brothers for life, Lost forever.

Loyalty means everything to Johnny. He always tries to look out for the Lost MC, especially in times of conflict. However, the arrest of Billy Grey and betrayal of Brian Jeremy caused a destructive civil war in the Lost MC. Those loyal to Johnny stand by their leader as his faction remains the last one standing.

GTA players can experience firsthand the brutal lifestyle of criminal bikers. Law enforcement is at constant odds with the Lost MC. Johnny prefers to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress in the first safehouse. Deaths of gang members are constant reminders of how short life is. Yet, Johnny wouldn't have it any other way.

The Lost MC is all about the outlook through the eyes of an outlaw. Guys like Johnny do what they want, whenever they want. However, Johnny has moral principles he abides by (even with GTA standards). Through hell and high water, he is a father to his own men. The Lost MC is all they have for each other.

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