5 most despised villains in the GTA series

Frank Tenpenny certainly left an impression on fans (Image via Rockstar)
Frank Tenpenny certainly left an impression on fans (Image via Rockstar)

One of the memorable aspects of GTA storylines are the villains; they are the main source of conflict throughout the entire game.

GTA protagonists never have it easy. Several roadblocks stand in the way of their success. More often than not, the main antagonists are the reason why. In the criminal world of drug dealers and cold-blooded killers, GTA villains tend to be the cruelest. They truly make their presence known to the players.

From corrupt law enforcement to drug cartel leaders, the main antagonists of GTA are beyond reprehensible. They stand for nothing except themselves, which makes their eventual fall more enjoyable. It says a lot when the GTA protagonists are the lighter shade of the two sides.

Top Five Most Despicable GTA Villains

#5 - Steve Haines


To the unsuspecting public of Los Santos, Steve Haines is a celebrity host of a reality show. But once the cameras stop rolling, he is every bit as bad as the criminal underbelly he explores. The protagonists of GTA 5 are forced to perform a series of dangerous tasks for the corrupt FIB agent.

Steve Haines is not above using his position of power to increase his influence. He sought to sabotage rival IAA in order to secure government funding for the FIB. His sadistic tendencies are shown during an infamous torture session. Rather pointlessly, he orders Trevor to mutilate a cooperative hostage.

Haines finally meets his end when Trevor snipes him from afar at Del Perro Pier. Appropriately, he was filming his television show at the time of the shooting, blowing his takes repeatedly. According to future events in GTA Online, Haines' death is the canon decision of the GTA 5 story.

#4 - Billy Grey


GTA's Billy Grey is no father to his men, despite what the Lost MC believes. Although the biker gang leader is well-respected by his fellow gang members, Johnny Klebitz eventually sees right through him. Billy is a loud-mouthed thug whose only loyalty lies within himself. He's more than willing to leave Johnny in the dust.

After Billy's imprisonment and a destructive civil war, the remaining Lost MC bikers have to be taken out before he turns state witness. Even though Johnny succeeds in killing the former chapter president, the damage is already done. The Lost MC never fully recovered from Billy's reign of terror.

#3 - Dimitri Rascalov


If a GTA dictionary were to be released, the word "traitor" would have a picture of Dimitri Rascalov. A walking urinal of criminal filth, Dimitri always readies a knife at the back of friends and foes alike. As Niko points out in the Deal ending, anyone who comes into contact with Dimitri is eventually left for dead.

Mikhail Faustin was a close ally for several years, but it didn't spare him from Dimitri's cold and calculating intentions. Once Niko carries out the hit for him, Dimitri repays his loyalty by giving none in return. Niko barely survives an encounter with a Russian kill squad.

Dimitri taunts Niko throughout the story with a series of phone calls. However, it becomes deeply personal when he kidnaps Roman and almost kills him. Dimitri dies in both endings of GTA 4. However, if the player knows better than to trust him, they can finish him off on same boat Niko used to arrive in Liberty City.

#2 - Catalina


Catalina is a combination of every deadly trait known to traitors. She is dangerous, psychotic, and is just as willing to point a gun at her allies as she would her enemies. CJ and especially Claude learn the hard way about what happens when she no longer has use for them.

Among her questionable activities, Catalina is known to perform extreme acts of sexual bondage against the will of her lovers. She might also be a cannibal, as she frequently alludes to the possibility. Most importantly, Catalina and her drug cartel leave behind a bloody and destructive path in their wake.

#1 - Frank Tenpenny


Alongside Big Smoke, officer Frank Tenpenny is one of the most memorable villains in GTA history. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, Tenpenny is what happens when Alonzo Harris from the movie "Training Day" makes an appearance in Los Santos. Everything is just a means to an end for the corrupt leader of C.R.A.S.H.

Once CJ arrives from Liberty City to Los Santos, Tenpenny blackmails him for a murder he committed himself. Much to his disappointment, CJ had to do a series of dirty jobs for Tenpenny. While he is only a low-ranking officer of the law Tenpenny maintains a stronghold over the streets.

He is hated by the entire population of Los Santos, so much so a widespread riot breaks out after his acquital. CJ eventually left Tenpenny for dead after a high-speed chase resulted in a fatal crash. Shortly afterward, the homeless population tore apart the officer's corpse, piece by piece.

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