What happens if the player kills Trevor in GTA 5? All three endings explained

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Trevor is one of the most beloved protagonists in GTA 5, and the game gets really sentimental when the player has to kill him off. It creates a rift between the best partners in crime in video game history.

GTA 5 features three main characters: Trevor, Franklin and Michael. When playing as Franklin, players will come across two sadistic villains: Steve Haines, a corrupt FBI agent, and Devin Weston, a billionaire.

Steve Haines orders the player to kill Trevor. Devin Weston, on the other hand, wants Michael dead. Both options are equally overwhelming for players.

Players can get away without dooming any of their friends to the brutal hands of death by choosing the third way called "Deathwish."

Three Possible Endings to GTA 5

Option A: Kill Trevor


When the player decides to kill Trevor, a mission called "Something Sensible" will start. Franklin will ask Trevor to meet him in the oil field so he can stab him in the back.

At first, Trevor will have no idea, and the tension in the air will be suffocating. Franklin will draw the gun, and that's when it hit Trevors that he's being betrayed. Trevor will start running, and Franklin will chase after him.

The two will end up in the oil field again, where Trevor will run into Michael and knock him down. At this point, Franklin will have two options: Kill Trevor or let his mentor do it for him.

When Trevor dies, the player will no longer be able to play him in GTA 5. His assets will be gone, as will the side missions he's featured as the protagonist in. Moreover, Michael will no longer be able to trust Franklin.

Option B: Kill Michael


Option B is seldom chosen by GTA 5 players as no one likes to turn against their mentor. To Michael, Franklin is like the son he never had. Killing him will be like killing a father figure.

If the player chooses to save Trevor in GTA 5 and go ahead with this option, Michael will become suspicious and make a run for his life. The chase will lead the two players to the top of a tower.

Franklin will push his mentor off the edge, but grabs him at the last moment, lamenting his fate and regretting the decisions he's had to make.

This will be a spectacularly heartbreaking moment for the player as they will have to decide whether they want to save Michael or let go. Either way, Michael will trip over and fall to his death.

As a result, the player will never be able to play as the quintessential GTA 5 player again. They will carry the guilt of killing their mentor for the rest of their virtual life and also lose Trevor as a friend.

Option C: Deathwish


This is, perhaps, the best option of all. Franklin doesn't have to stab either of his friends in the back and the player won't have to cry buckets after this monumental game comes to an end.

In Deathwish, Franklin decides to team up with Trevor and Michael to fight the FIB and Merryweather. In the end, all three protagonists of GTA 5 manage to kill their oppressors and live happily ever after.

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