5 moments from the GTA franchise that angered the fanbase

(Image via GTAbase)
(Image via GTAbase)
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The GTA franchise, for the large part, has been one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time and has continued to receive love from the fanbase for years. The games are nothing short of a global phenomenon and helped Rockstar become the juggernaut in the industry that it is today.

That is not to say that each GTA game is virtually flawless and did not have its share of little annoyances could be done without. Each GTA game is absolutely massive with days of content and tasks to do.

Thus, it only makes sense that Rockstar will not be able to hit it out of the park every time. There are bound to be a few misguided decisions in each GTA game, but that doesn't necessarily protect it from the ire of the fanbase.

Let's take a look at 5 moments from the GTA franchise that angered the fanbase quite a bit.

5 moments from the GTA franchise that angered the fanbase

#5 - Scouting the Port


When one thinks of missions in the GTA franchise, they are probably not thinking of working a shift in the docks and operating cranes as part of their routine. That is precisely what this mission tasks players with and the fanbase were quite vocal in their absolute distate for this particular mission in GTA 5.

While the mission could be a tool to communicate to the player how mundane the lives of the NPCs in a GTA game are, it certainly does not make for fun gameplay. The mission drags on for too long and the player would much rather skip this mission in its entirety on a second playthrough.

While it doesn't do anything obviously wrong, it is certainly one of the worst missions in GTA history. Fans have probably erased it from their memory.

#4 - Johnny Klebitz' unceremonious end


GTA protagonists are not in the habit of appearing in other games, except for the race that Claude took part in for GTA San Andreas. While cameos are commonplace in the series, few had expected Johnny to appear in Grand Theft Auto V, and fewer still had expected him to meet his end like he did.

During the first few minutes of the player's introduction to Trevor, not only has he stomped Johnny's head into the ground, but also murdered quite other members of The Lost MC.

Admittedly, the Lost MC and Johnny weren't particularly likeable, but players had grown fond of the troubled MC Vice President and acting President. Therefore, his unceremonious death, while quite humorous to some, didn't sit as well with others.

#3 - Demolition Man


Players hold GTA Vice City in very high regard today, but none would ever want to go back to this particular mission handed to the player by Avery. This mission has the player control an RC helicopter and are tasked with planting bombs inside of an building under construction.

As fun as it sounds, the RC helicopter is a task to control and it doesn't help that the goons with hammers will chase the mini choppers down and smash it to bits. The timer, at times, can feel really unfair and many a controller and monitor have fallen victim to the player's wrath as a direct result of this mission.

Demolition Man, remains to this day, one of the most despised missions in GTA history and the title is quite well-deserved.

#2 - By The Book


It is characteristic of the GTA franchise to be controversial and contain missions and moments that push the boundary of what is considered acceptable in modern entertainment. However, it is not typical of the GTA franchise to get into hot water with their own fanbase like it did with this infamous sequence in the game.

During this mission, the player is tasked with torturing a man for information that he is willing to submit anyway. While it is clear that Rockstar were trying to communicate some sort of commentary, in a rare case, it falls extremely short of hitting the mark.

The whole bit ends up feeling edgy for the sake of edgy and doesn't add much to the game's overall quality in any way.

#1 - "All you had to do..."


There isn't another line in the GTA franchise that triggers an outburst quite like, "All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ." That one piece of writing encapsulates the hours of frustration that players felt during the mission - 'Wrong Side of the Tracks' in GTA San Andreas.

The mission involves driving alongside a train, while Big Smoke attempts to shoot down rival gang members atop the said train. The problem arises when Big Smoke continuously fails to hit any of the targets, and then blames CJ for his shortcomings.

The entire mission feels like an attempt to anger the fans, and if that were the case, then Rockstar succeeded with flying colours.

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