5 best characters from the EFLC expansions for GTA 4

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

The EFLC expansions for GTA 4 have some amazing characters that fit in with the best of the best.

It should be noted that this list will prioritize characters who are important in The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned over those that are relevant in just GTA 4. For example, Roman and Niko Bellic are terrific characters, but they're incredibly minor as far as GTA 4: EFLC goes (ELFC stands for Episodes From Liberty City). Hence, it wouldn't make sense to rank them highly on a list like this one.

Of course, GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA 4: The Lost and Damned still have an excellent cast to choose from. Although neither game is as large as GTA 4 is in terms of the main storyline, these characters are still presented in a memorable way that fans appreciate even after beating the two games.

Five best characters from the EFLC expansions for GTA 4

#5 - James "Jim" Fitzgerald

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

In GTA 4, Jim was an annoying NPC that had to be killed off in a motorcycle chase. By comparison, his role was more fleshed out in The Lost and Damned as a family man and best friend of Johnny Klebitz. Jim is one of the more reasonable Lost MC members, which comes into play when he realizes how dangerous Billy is.

His eventual death is even more tragic when players find out how reliable Jim is for Johnny in GTA 4: The Lost and Damned. The extent of his legacy is apparent when Johnny considers Jim to be the man they all wanted to be.

#4 - Yusuf Amir

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Yusuf Amir is a real estate developer who holds himself to a gold standard. Quite literally, in fact, for the gold plates, everything ranging from his gun collection to his vehicles.

What makes Yusuf a fun character is that he brings much-needed comedic relief to a sometimes serious game. In essence, he is rich in wealth but poor in common sense, making him anything but the serious man Playboy X considered him to be in GTA 4.

Yusuf is considerably ambitious. Not only does he want real estate projects in outer space, but he is also willing to steal military tanks for his personal amusement.

Despite his inflated sense of self-worth, he has been a great ally for Luis throughout the events of GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. In the game's final mission, "Departure Time," Yusuf uses his golden Buzzard to get Luis to the airport in a dramatic moment that fans still remember to this day.

#3 - Johnny Klebitz

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

A hardened badass in a biker gang, Johnny Klebitz is every bit as tough as a two-dollar steak. Fortunately, he is a lighter shade of darkness compared to his fellow bikers.

While he is a stone-cold killer, he also cares deeply for his ex-girlfriend and repeatedly tries to get her to kick the drug habits (although that evidently fails, as seen in GTA 5). Johnny's main goal in GTA 4: The Lost and Damned are to restore prominence to the Lost MC, and he is willing to do anything to get there.

Unfortunately, all his efforts are for naught. By the events of GTA 5, Johnny is unceremoniously killed, and his chapter wiped out; his drug addiction was too much to bear. Given how controversial the scene was, it speaks volumes about Johnny's popularity among GTA fans.

#2 - Luis Lopez

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

A fair number of fans considered GTA 4 a stylistic departure from previous games in the series, but not in a good way. Some of them prefer the over-the-top nature of San Andreas missions.

Luis Lopez gives them what they want and so much more. From nailing a guy's nuts with golf balls to making dramatic escapes with parachutes, Luis brings back the ridiculousness of the 3D-era games that so many GTA fans clamored for. He also has a rags-to-riches story, where he ultimately fails to escape his criminal lifestyle.

This lifestyle also makes for a sharp contrast with the previous GTA 4 games. While Niko and Johnny have to endure a grim and gritty reality, Luis enjoys the colorful life of nightclubs and bathroom hookups. GTA fans get to see a more vibrant perspective of Liberty City they couldn't see in the other GTA 4 titles.

#1 - Tony Prince

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

The aptly-named Ballad of Gay Tony largely revolves around Tony Prince and his escapades in Liberty City. Despite his neurosis and functional addictions, Tony successfully runs high-profile nightclubs in Liberty City, Maisonette 9, and Hercules. Despite this, he must contend with the criminal underworld, to which Luis Lopez helps him along the way.

Tony Prince undergoes a noticeable character development throughout the story. In the starter mission, "Chinese Takeout," he proves useless in combat situations by the end of the game. However, Tony holds his own and helps Luis whenever he can. In a world of betrayal and backstabbing, it's refreshing to see the two maintain their friendship until the very end.

Through the events of GTA Online, Tony runs a brand new chain of nightclubs in Los Santos. Here, he is considerably helpful to new players looking to start their own business in the nightlife. While Luis isn't physically there with him, he does have a photo of him, which suggests that Tony still regards him very highly.

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