'Scam artists, viewbotters and cheaters': Former Twitch streamer Dellor tears into the platform 

Image Credits: GameLife
Image Credits: GameLife

Matt "Dellor" Vaughn is a former Twitch streamer and Overwatch pro who now streams on YouTube.

He became infamous in 2019 for a shocking instance of rage, where he was caught breaking a keyboard over his head while playing Apex Legends during a live stream. This led to Twitch slapping him with a permanent ban, on the grounds of 'self-harm.'

Despite expressing immediate regret over his actions, Dellor was permanently banned from the platform:

Several months later, he even appealed to Twitch, where he made an earnest request to revoke his ban.

However, barely three weeks later, Dellor seems to have no intention of going back to Twitch, as he recently launched a scathing attack on the Amazon-owned platform and even went on to ask for his appeal to be deleted:

Dellor calls out Twitch's hypocrisy


During his time at Twitch, Dellor used to be one of the most entertaining streamers known for his rage compilations.

However, he ended up taking it too far one day as his act of smashing a keyboard on his head was deemed the last straw by Twitch. While he managed to do quite well over at YouTube, where he has around 738K subscribers, his heart always seemed to be set on a return to Twitch. His recent heartfelt appeal also received support from fans, who began to petition Twitch for his return.

That was until his recent tweet where he accused Twitch of harboring viewbotters, cheaters, scam artists, and even child predators!

His recent outburst seems to have stemmed from his repeated displeasure at the treatment meted out by Twitch. Deeming it unjust, it appears that Dellor reached his breaking point after weeks of receiving no response from Twitch, despite constant appeals.

Soon, members from the online community began to agree with him as they called out Twitch for its hypocrisy and skewed ban policy:

While Dellor's recent outburst may have been a tad bit excessive, it has undoubtedly brought the spotlight firmly back on Twitch's authoritarian regime of late, where notable streamers, including innocent ones, have been getting banned from the platform.

Apart from its skewed policies, a large section of the online community also believe that Twitch has become a breeding ground for toxicity and a pale shadow of what it originally used to be.

Moreover, the fact that Twitch is sowing the seeds for a rebellion via its own problematic actions does not bode well for the platform as the last thing they would want is a full-blown streamer uprising.

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