"I just want to be able to play and collaborate with my friends": Dellor seeks to revoke his Twitch ban

Twitch streamer Dellor hopes to be able to stream again.
Twitch streamer Dellor hopes to be able to stream again.

Matt "Dellor" Vaughn is a former Twitch streamer and Overwatch pro who became infamous in 2019 for breaking a keyboard over his head while playing Apex Legends during a live stream.

This led to Twitch slapping him with a permanent ban, on the grounds of 'self-harm.'

Dellor instantly expressed regret and stated that he was issued no prior warning, despite having pulled such kind of stunts several times before. Twitch clearly meant a lot to him as he now claims to have worked towards improving himself.

In a recent tweet, Dellor issued an official apology to Twitch, where he stated that he missed being able to play with his friends and was looking for a second chance.

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Dellor's apology to Twitch


In his official apology statement on Twitlonger, Dellor began by apologizing to the Twitch community:

I was banned from Twitch last October. It's been almost a year. It was hard to accept it and move on at first but I understand why Twitch banned me. I did a lot of stupid shit while streaming on Twitch and I want to say I am sorry - to Twitch and to anyone I may have offended during my time there.

He then went on to address his mental health issues and how he has been working to improve himself and be a better person:

I was tens of thousands in debt. I had a lot of family and mental health issues. I wasn't a very healthy or happy person. I was completely uncensored and I didn't care about Twitch or the rules. I was an animal. I am sorry for what I did during these times.
I don't want to be the person I used to be and I have gone through great lengths to improve myself and my behavior.
I've gone through classes and therapy to control my anger and emotions. I've been diagnosed with a few different mental disorders and I've received guidance on how to cope with them.

He then ended his apology with a heartfelt appeal:

I'm not the animal I used to be. I have too much at stake now. My brother and little niece watch me now. My mom watches me now. I want to be someone my friends and family can be proud of.
I plan to continue to stream for a long time to come and to do positive things in the process. I just want to be able to play and collaborate with my friends and to be able to participate in tournaments and events again.

Dellor's Twitch ban brings to mind the treatment meted out to Dr Disrespect, who has also been left searching for answers, as he revealed that he still does not know the exact reason why Twitch banned him. This uncertainty has been causing The Doc anxiety, as he misses being able to play with his friends.

Check out some of the reactions to Dellor's apology, where a large section of the online community extended their support to him:

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