5 streamers who ruined their careers in seconds

Image Credits: u/IcantMainMercy / Twitch
Image Credits: u/IcantMainMercy / Twitch
Rishabh B.

In the past, we have talked about some of the wackiest incidents related to streamers. We have seen them get robbed on camera. We have seen streamers record ‘ghosts’ on camera, and some who forget that they were on camera, as they ended up doing the most awkward of things. Finally, some streamers simply took things too far and got banned in return.

It is no secret that the streaming business requires people to be alert all the time. However, streamers are human beings as well, and quite a few times they have been caught doing things that effectively ended their career, in an instant. In this article, we look at five streamers who did just that, in mere seconds.

5 streamers who ended their careers in seconds


Currently, BadBunny has around 169k followers on Twitch. However, over recent months, she has been the recipient of some heavy criticism, something she doesn’t seem to learn from. She has been found berating her viewers multiple times for not donating 'enough money; and subscribing, and is known as one of the greediest streamers online.

While her career is far from over, the controversies are sure to be talked about throughout her career. You can watch a video of her antics below.



Angel "zilianOP" Hamilton was a known World of Warcraft streamer who had a disability and was paralyzed from waist down. However, one time, he appeared to forget that he was on camera, got up, and can be seen walking off!

The girl he was talking to was visibly surprised, but pretended that nothing of note had taken place. However, once the clip went viral, he was banned from Twitch. You can watch the incident below.



Back in 2019, Dellor was a notable streamer. He was a former Overwatch player who also streamed games like Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends. Further, he had more than 500k followers on Twitch. Regardless, this one incident got him a permanent ban. He had anger issues, and had broken keyboards many times before. You can watch a compilation of his 'rage clips' below.

Watch: Dellor rage compilation


However, after one such incident in October 2019, he was permanently banned. After a rather concerning tweet where he expressed desire to ‘not continue living’, Dellor moved to YouTube, where has more than 681k subscribers currently, and regularly streams nowadays. You can see his apology/explanation video below. He is one of the only streamers on the list who moved on, from a major incident.

Watch: Dellor apologies for his past behaviour


FaZe Jarvis

Well, this is one incident that is quite popular. Back in September 2019, Jarvis decided to test Fortnite’s new ‘Anti-cheat’ system. He did so by making a new account, and using Aimbot to see if Fortnite would ban him.

Well, because the incident was streamed, it went viral, after which he received a permanent ban. As mentioned before, sometimes streamers cannot afford even a little mistake. You can watch the incident in the video below.



Again, this is one incident which did not finish the streamer’s career, but brought her way a plethora of criticism. We recently talked about Twitch streamer InvaderVie’s rants against her viewers. Towards the beginning of the pandemic, she was seen berating and insulting her viewers for not donating and subscribing enough. The rant led to a significant decrease in followers, irrespective of the apology video that she posted.

You can watch the rant(s) in the video below.


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