Scorn may get a release date at Xbox and Bethesda Showcase

The game has been in development for years, and it was initially unveiled in 2014 (Image via YouTube/ GameNews)
The game has been in development for years, and it was initially unveiled in 2014 (Image via YouTube/ GameNews)
Subrat Mukharjee

The H.R. Giger-inspired game's creators have posted a seven-second video on the Scorn website that gives a sneak peek at how the game seems. This was uploaded immediately after the Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios 2022 Showcase announcement, which will take place on June 12.

As a result, the company may demonstrate or reveal more of its game during the online event.

Even though E3 2022 has been canceled, events like QuakeCon, the PC Gaming Show, and the Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios Showcase will still take place, allowing fans and people in the industry to see what's new in the gaming world.

Furthermore, Ebb Software just released a brief teaser for their next horror game, Scorn.

Take control...

After the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase announcement, Ebb Software releases a brief trailer for Scorn, an indie horror game

Scorn also uploaded some new frightening gaming videos that were, once again, incredibly brief.

One of these, dubbed "Puzzle", has the player entering what seems to be a key into the slot. A succession of alienesque machinery begins to spin around until the perfect pattern is formed. There's also a "Machinery" film that truly showcased the game's look.


The game has been in development for years, and it was initially unveiled in 2014. It's reportedly influenced by the Alien artistic movement and the collaboration of Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksiski.

While some fans are dissatisfied with the delays, the game will be released this year on Xbox One and PC, and according to the developers, it will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass from day one.

The game, along with Resident Evil Village and Back 4 Blood, was regarded among the most awaited horror games of 2021. However, it was eventually pushed off.


After nearly eight years of hype, fans eagerly anticipate the game's release. The teasers and brief clips that have just been leaked indicate that it will be an entertaining horror game.

Scorn has gotten a lot of attention, even with so little of it revealed thus far, due to its unusual visual esthetic. Everything in Scorn is designed to seem organic, with most of the environment and creatures resembling human organs or guts, evoking the work of H.R. Giger.


Though the game may not be classified as survival horror because the player appears to be able to defeat the creatures they face quickly, it does have a disturbing esthetic and atmosphere.

The gameplay in the trailer involves the player walking around hallways, defeating opponents, and opening doors. However, due to the game's strange settings, these conventional acts have unique artistic accents.

The enemies are strange creatures who vomit liquid at the player as they move forward, like combative troops or zombies. Hallways of harsh dark and brown give way to luscious bursts of scarlet, highlighted by the blood that spills from enemies when they are brutally murdered.

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