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Scrim Hacker 'Takushi' threatens Tfue with dox attack on Live Stream

Published Jan 10, 2020
Jan 10, 2020 IST

Tfue lobby
Tfue lobby's up with 'Takushi' , a scrim hacker

A famous hacker that goes by the name 'Takushi' in Fortnite recently came face to face with Tfue who is among one of the top streamer/content creators in Fortnite.

The scrim hacker had previously joined into multiple scrim games that Tfue and his teammate were a part of and ruined them by using numerous hacks including aim-botting which needless to say, killed the fun and intensity of those games completely. 

Tfue and his teammate at the time who goes by the name Scoped then went ahead to invite the hacker into their in-game lobby to have a chat with him which went hilariously.

Initially, as he joined, the hacker sarcastically mentions his 'good aim' is a result of intense KovaaK's, a claim that was quickly bouldered down by Tfue's teammate 'scoped' who confronted him about why he uses aimbot. Takushi's response to his question could be read as somewhat vague as he goes ahead to say, he uses hacks because he considers the game to be 'dead' meaning the game is in a state where most players do not care if people hack or not, according to Takushi's comment.

Tfue also goes ahead to mention that "Any disrespect bought upon him was his doing" when the hacker tries to argue and forcefully validate his points about hacking. Later Takushi also seemed visibly shaken when Tfue revealed that there were about 20,000 viewers who were watching the whole ordeal live on his stream.

When asked about his social 'Takushi' denied to give out any information on any of his socials media accounts. However it was already too late at this point since people from Tfue's stream had already found his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles and even leaked out a video of Takushi lawn-mowing which certainly people found hilarious.

Tfue's stream reveals the hacker in a lawn-mowing video.

However, with everything accounted for, Takushi, who revealed that he is a 16-year-old seemed to be respectful for the most part except during a conversation where his parents where brought up, where Takushi threatened Tfue with a dox attack, while Tfue tried to mentor him and tried to set him on the right path in the future.

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