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Shaco's debatable "Ultimate" bug has been long-ignored in League of Legends

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
Modified 01 Jan 2021, 17:55 IST

When it comes to item build versatility and playing mind games with the enemy, there aren't many champions who can keep up with the League of Legends’ Shaco.

Shaco has often been one of League of Legends' most ignored picks, mainly for his high-skill requirements. But if played right, the Demon Jester is one of the best champions in the game.

The Jungle-assassin's ultimate ability is one of the most talked-about features in the game. It is unlike any other and can be quite domineering when used right.

League of Legends fans have been pointing out a crucial bug with his R for a long time, but it has never been the center of attention.

Shaco bug in League of Legends

Shaco's ultimate ability Hallucinate allows him to vanish for 0.5 seconds initially. He then blinks in the target's direction, creating a controllable clone copy of himself. The clone stays active for 18 seconds.

Shaco's Hallucinate in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)

During the initial period of invisibility, Shaco can stay invulnerable before returning with a clone.

But League of Legends players over the years have observed that Shaco receives damage from enemy champions' abilities even during his short span of invisibility. This did not exist before patch 8.19's update in September 2018.

A League regular and Redditor u/MaleQueef had some thoughts on the same.

" Basically, when you press R in the past, you immediately go untargetable like a Harmless Master Yi Q, but now that's different. He still takes the damage from autos (Do not cancel even if he disappears, he's both there and not there), and abilities still hit him. "

According to the fans, this is a bug that Riot Games has not fixed for long. One of the reasons being that Shaco isn't popular.


The animation for his invisibility might be available for a split second, but it is very important for Shaco's kit. If timed right, he can dodge ultimates of champions like Karthus and Caitlyn.

Screengrab via Reddit
Screengrab via Reddit

Fans believe that Riot developers should work towards fixing this.

Point of Debate

Last year, another Shaco one-trick u/jungledifference, raised a query on Reddit concerning the same.

" I noticed when I used a karthus. I couldn’t dodge his R with mine. Usually, I don’t have any issues with it. I thought it was messing up no matter how many times I tried, but I saw that chase tried to do the same thing recently on steam and took karthus R damage in shaco R. Anyone else experience this? If so, can we please give this attention? Shaco is already not the best champ. Doesn’t it need more going against him? "

But a section of the League community made counter-arguments. According to them, becoming untargetable cannot define the form of invulnerability.

Screengrab via League of Legends Wiki
Screengrab via League of Legends Wiki

Once a champion is untargetable, it will still deal with damage from enemies. It will also suffer the effects of actively applied damage, delayed detonations, and tethers (like Ignite, Time Bomb, and Drain).


As per League of Legends Wiki:

" Blitzcrank's Power Fist will still knock up and damage a target that becomes untargetable in the period of its windup. The telegraph from Karthius' Requiem will be placed on untargetable enemies. However, the damage itself is classified as an auto-targeted effect at the end of the channel time. "

League of Legends fans want some clarity on in-game features like 'Untargetability" and "Invulnerability."

Screengrab via Reddit
Screengrab via Reddit

League of Legends' Demon Jester will continue receiving damage even in a state of “vanish.” Riot is yet to provide clarification on the issue.

Published 01 Jan 2021, 17:37 IST
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