"She got scammed": Twitch Streamers react to Neekolul showing off her $2 million apartment

Neekolul recently posted a house tour of her new $2 million apartment. (Image via @NewHiveGeokin, Twitter)
Neekolul recently posted a house tour of her new $2 million apartment. (Image via @NewHiveGeokin, Twitter)

On June 3rd 2021, TikTok star Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez posted a YouTube video showing of hew new “$2 million apartment.”

The Twitch streamer/TikToker lives in Dallas, Texas, and recently bought an apartment in a high-rise building. However, Neekolul’s apartment tour has failed to impress the internet.

Quite a few people, including content creators such as Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and Matthew “Mizkif” Renaudo thought that Neekolul had effectively been “scammed.” Most of her fans also criticized the house tour and claimed Neekolul might be lying about the house’s actual cost.


Neekolul accused of getting scammed over new “$2 million” apartment

Neekolul posted the following video on YouTube around a week ago. The video is an elaborate “house-tour” of the entire $2 million apartment.


She also told her viewers that her brother was currently living with her, and “nested” in the living room. Regardless, the content creator showed off each and every room, including the kitchen, a huge closet, and a rather luxurious bathroom.

Neekolul was particularly excited about the “view” that her apartment has, before finally moving on to the “streaming room.” Since it was posted, the YouTube video has received 3.7k likes and a whopping 48k dislikes. People have criticized the streamer and claimed that the house is nowhere worth $2 million.

Moreover, Neekolul had earlier posted a picture on Twitter wearing a t-shirt that said “Tax the rich.” She initially grew to fame after posting a TikTok clip while dancing to the tunes of Senzawa’s “oki doki Boomer” song. Neekolul is a supporter of politician Bernie Sanders, with fans claiming that her recent posts do not fall in line with her “liberal” persona.

Regardless, a number of fans on Twitter also criticized Neekolul. On the other hand, notable content creators HasanAbi and Mizkif also responded to the video, and both claimed that Neekolul’s apartment does not look like it cost $2 million. Additionally, HasanAbi thought that Mizkif was “copying his reaction and comments” to Neekolul’s house-tour video.


As can be seen, the internet did not respond to Neekolul’s house-tour well, although the content creator herself looked very happy with her new home.

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