Revisiting "Ok Boomer" Girl Neekolul who took the internet by storm: Where is she now?

Neekolul rose to fame following her "OK Boomer" TikTok
Neekolul rose to fame following her "OK Boomer" TikTok

Nicole "Neekolul" Sanchez is an american Twitch streamer and popular TikTok personality that had a meteoric rise, after her "OK Boomer" TikTok video went viral.

Having her own entry in "Know Your Meme," the internet star's popularity got cemented as she moved to capitalize on her success. Nearly one year on from the release of her infamous TikTok clip, Neekolul has been very active and is having quite the illustrious career.

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What has Neekolul been up to?


After the viral success of the "OK Boomer" TikTok, Neekolul found her popularity skyrocket within days. Garnering 2.6 million views in three days, Neekolul caught the eye of esports organisation 100Thieves. Announcing a signing with the organization, CEO of 100Thieves, Nadeshot, had the following to say:

"We were all personal fans of Neeko’s streams and videos, and we have been continuously impressed by her success on social media, which is why we’re so excited to welcome her to 100 Thieves" - 100T Nadeshot

Neekolul joined the ranks of the other elite women in the 100Thieves camp, joining most watched female streamer of 2020, Valkyrae, and BrookeAB, as members of the fraternity.

As a female streamer, Neekolul has been subjected to the ire of the online community, where upon realising that she has a boyfriend, the internet star lost over 65,000 followers in 48 hours.

Boasting a huge follower count of over 270,000 people on Twitch, the streamer has moved to Fortnite after streaming Call of Duty in her earlier days.

Neekolul's YouTube channel is a mix of reaction videos and video game content, with her most recent upload, as of this article, being an Among Us piece.

The 22-year-old's popularity is sure to propel her forward in her career and fans can definitely expect a lot more content from her in the near future.

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