Should League of Legends offer better achievement perks for 1 Million Champion Mastery

Champions Mastery Achievements (Image via leagueoflegends.fandom)
Champions Mastery Achievements (Image via leagueoflegends.fandom)
Sayantan "BibÖzil" Chowdhury

Fans of League of Legends feel players deserve add-on perks as rewards for hitting the 1 Million Mastery points milestone.

Riot Games' MOBA officially released in October 2009, gaining massive popularity within a few months. It's been over eleven years since the multiplayer game hit global gaming servers, currently running its 10.25b patch. Riot has been adding new features in the game regularly, and a lot of them have been inspired by fans' proposals.


The Eternals feature, which the publisher added in 2019 to keep track of how well a player played their champions in-game, was based on community-feedback. Each champion got awarded with a specific achievement that was based on their playstyle.

This feedback helped the game developers work on certain shortcomings like stat-tracking features and rank-based advantages. Riot soon came up with an improvised update of Eternal.


Fans are expecting some improvisation in League of Legends' reward system as well. With various other MOBA games having an achievement-based reward system for mastering a champion, the LoL community expected Riot to bring in the same for their favorite game.

However, there are no official updates from the developer regarding the matter so far.

Should League of Legends offer personalized rewards on reaching 1 Million Champion Mastery score?

Fans have been requesting Riot for a recognition-reward system for years, but there are no significant updates concerning the same in any of League of Legends' recent patches.

League of Legends fan and Redditor u/throwaway8498497 recently posted an earnest message for Riot. He requested the introduction of a champion reward system on reaching the 1 Million Mastery Score.

"I always found it weird how Riot never really did anything to celebrate such a colossal milestone for players that dedicate themselves to a champion. It doesn't have to be anything grandiose and over the top. Maybe it could be some sort of an effect that is added to the mastery emote,"

This message clearly expressed the fan's desire to receive not a sort of in-game advantage but a mere recognition for the dedicated achievement. He suggested a few ideas, including building a graphical symbol, like a rainbow, or spells of fireworks around the mastery emote.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

It is surprising for a game like League of Legends not to have a Mastery Reward features when other multiplayer games have included it long back.

For example, Dota 2's paid feature, Dota Plus, allows players to level up each hero by playing the same hero repeatedly and completing in-game challenges.

This rewards players with unique hero voice chat-lines as well as additional shards to purchase in-game cosmetics and items. This is what fans want in League of Legends as well.

Providing players with gemstones, mystery boxes, and unique skins for the mastered champion could be some good options. The rewards can also include rank-based gift pools for the players to broaden, along with a champion's rank-up.

Such features in future updates would add significant perks to League of Legends and provide brownie points for players' dedication to the game.

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