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Shroud comments on not being able to play with Dr Disrespect due to his Twitch ban

Shroud has finally responded to playing alongside Dr Disrespect
Shroud has finally responded to playing alongside Dr Disrespect
Modified 08 Oct 2020, 21:01 IST

It's been almost 4 months since Herschel Guy Beahm IV, aka Dr Disrespect received a shocking and unceremonious ban on Twitch.

Over the course of this intensely speculated period, The Doc is still yet to get a definitive answer as to why exactly was he banned from the platform.

Moreover, the fact that Twitch is yet to officially respond to a streamer of Dr Disrespect's calibre makes the whole situation all the more shady, as his ban continues to remain shrouded in mystery.

Speaking of shrouded, another high-profile Twitch streamer who is known to be good friends with The Doc, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek recently responded to calls for him to play alongside the 2x time Champions Club leader.

He stated that it was 'not possible' due to Twitch's recent policy change, which forces streamers to remove, mute or limit their interaction with any 'suspended user'.

This move was presumably deemed as a response to high-profile streamers such as Nadeshot, Snoop Dogg and Crimsix recently streaming alongside the Doc.

Shroud says it is not possible to play with Dr Disrespect


Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban has been a constant source of debate ever since it was announced, as fans continue to demand a satisfactory response from Twitch, who have remain light-lipped on the issue.

This has clearly been affecting the Doc so much that during one of his streams , he revealed that his Twitch ban has been causing him anxiety.

However, over the course of the past few weeks, Dr Disrespect has become more vocal in speaking about his ban, as he has insinuated that his ban could very well be a result of Twitch not being able to afford him and deciding to fill his absence with three new cadets- Shroud, Ninja and another third mysterious member.

He also went on to mock Twitch recently for their change in policy, which made it almost impossible for any Twitch streamer to stream alongside The Doc.

Keeping this in mind, Shroud responded to the online community, who have been demanding him to take a stand and play alongside Dr Disrespect:

"Well that's just not possible ...the only way I could actually play with Doc is if he like joined the server and I muted him or some shit, but that's not really favourable. "

Shroud's response seems to be coming from a logical point of view, as if fans cannot hear or see Dr Disrespect, it pretty much defeats the entire purpose of streaming alongside him.

Keeping that aside, of late, several notable streamers such as NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have also responded to calls to playing with Dr Disrespect, and their responses, so far, have all been similar - not possible.

In light of such a situation, the possibility of Dr Disrespect streaming on Twitch continues to look more and more bleak with each passing day, as fans retain hope that Twitch will pull a Dellor with the Doc.

Published 08 Oct 2020, 21:01 IST
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