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Dellor is officially back on Twitch 

Twitch has revoked Dellor
Twitch has revoked Dellor's ban
Modified 07 Oct 2020, 01:52 IST

Matt "Dellor" Vaughn is officially back on Twitch after a whole year of being outcast by the Amazon-owned platform.

In a shocking turn of events, Twitch has decided to revoke the streamer's much deliberated ban, which happened in 2019. His ban was the result of him raging and breaking a keyboard over his head while playing Apex Legends during a live stream.

A shocked Dellor took to Twitter to share the news that his Twitch account has officially been reinstated:

A visibly overwhelmed Dellor also went on to profusely thank Twitch for giving him a second chance, as well as his fans, especially when all hope seemed to be lost:

Of late, Dellor has been quite vocal about how unfair his Twitch ban was.

After making a formal appeal to Twitch last month, he recently even decided to retract his statement, as he went on a rant and called out Twitch for its skewed ban policy and for favouring 'scam artists, viewbotters and cheaters'.


Post his verbal attack directed at Twitch, the online community was pretty much convinced that there seemed to be no hope of Dellor ever getting back his account. That was until Twitch decided to do a U-turn and spring a surprise on Dellor and the entire community at large.

Dellor returns to Twitch

Dellor is a former Overwatch pro who also happened to be a prominent streamer on Twitch, until the time of his unceremonious ban last year.

Over the course of his carer, Dellor has made quite a name for himself due to his 'rage moments', where viewers have often spotted him destroying different kinds of items during his live streams.

However, his decision to break a keyboard on his head turned out to be the last straw, as Twitch went on to slap a ban on him, which would alter his career as a Twitch streamer forever.

The ban would go on to haunt him for quite a while as he recently revealed that he has been taking therapy classes so as to not let his rage get the better of him. After a year of pleading and making official appeals and just when things seemed bleak, Dellor is now officially back on Twitch, courtesy their decision to grant him a much-needed reprieve.

Check out some of the reactions online as a surprised and ecstatic online community extended their support to Dellor, post his official return to Twitch:


With all the flak that Twitch has been receiving with of late, it's certainly heartening to see a streamer of Dellor's calibre make a much-awaited comeback to the platform which made him who he is.


Twitch's recent change of heart also poses several thought-provoking questions: Is this merely a one-off case or could we indeed be witnessing more such ban removals to follow suit in the forthcoming days?

Published 07 Oct 2020, 01:52 IST
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