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Shroud gives clarification about his CS: GO “is undeniably dying” statement

Image Credits: Shroud
Image Credits: Shroud
Modified 03 Nov 2020, 21:43 IST

When it comes to being vocal about his opinions, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is not exactly known for mincing his words. Off late, he has been talking a lot about the current state of CS: GO, and what he feels is going to be its future in the upcoming months. 

During a stream a few days ago, Shroud talked in depth about 100Thieves, and how them leaving CS: GO would cripple the future of the game in North America significantly.

In the stream Shroud had previously stated,

“CS is undeniably dying, and yet players are still getting paid like $40,000 a month. 30, 40 grand. I don’t understand where this money is coming from and how it’s still pumping.”
“NA just died in CS, hard. And in my opinion, that’s a big L to the community, to lose NA. Because I think they brought so much hype, and so much excitement into the game and scene, so for that to be lost kind of sucks.”

Many of his fans had taken these comments to mean that the streamer feels that the CS: GO as a whole is dying. However, that’s definitely not the case, as Shroud feels that among the average gaming population, CS: GO is still as popular as it ever was.

During one of his streams a couple of hours ago, Shroud clarified about of his previous statements, and said, “I don’t think CS is dying.”

Shroud doesn’t feel that CS: GO is dying


While playing Riot Games’ latest shooter Valorant on stream, the once Cloud9 CS: GO pro clarified about the statements that he made previously

Shroud said,

“I don’t think CS is dying, I think NA CS at a competitive level has died a little bit and that’s just a fact. I don’t think CS is dying by no means, I think CS is very popular still, hundred percent it is. But that’s cool, throw some words in my mouth why don’t ya. Or, maybe you didn’t throw words in my mouth, maybe I misinterpreted what I said because it is very clear the NA CS is hurting. Might not be dead, but NA CS is definitely hurting, which makes me sad, we were doing so well.”

Shroud doesn’t exactly feel that CS: GO as a whole will be dying any time soon. It’s just the competitive, esports side of the game which is becoming increasingly Eurocentric.

Published 03 Nov 2020, 21:43 IST
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