“Sick as a dog”: Twitch streamer WillNeff announces that he has tested positive for COVID-19 

Neff came down with Covid-19 recently and won't be able to return home as Christmas nears (Image via Sportskeeda)
Neff came down with Covid-19 recently and won't be able to return home as Christmas nears (Image via Sportskeeda)

COVID-19 has ruined quite a bit of travel plans for millions of people across the world, and now 100 Thieves streamer Neff has announced that he won't be able to make it home for the holidays.

He told his fan base about his situation in a concerning tweet:

Streaming has increased in popularity as Covid continues to plague societies around the world, forcing people to stay indoors, and consequentially, making gamers' playthroughs and videos even more important. Though Neff is sick, he's determined to continue streaming to keep the content flowing for his viewers.

100T Neff plans to plow through Covid to keep his stream up over the holidays

With Christmas and the end of the year approaching, Neff revealed his unfortunate situation:

"I can't go home and I'm as sick as a dog."

Neff won't be able to go home like most people do around this time of the year, but at least he'll have his long time girlfriend, Caroline Kwan, and their dog, Farley, to keep him company. Caroline even took to Neff's tweet to make sure everyone knows he's okay with a picture of their pet:

"Don’t worry everyone he has the cutest lil helper on hand bringing him squeaky balls to recover."

Many of those suffering from COVID-19 have needed time to recover and are sometimes forced to put a hold on life, but Neff assured his fan base that he'll stick to his regular routine. Other streamers on Twitch are flocking to send their best wishes with similar vibes to what Bnans, a well known female streamer, said:

"Hope you feel better soon Will!"

Neff is dedicated to his profession and seems like he won't let Covid get in the way of his agenda. The support from the community is holding him up as well as fans and streamers are sending tips and tricks on how to deal with the disease and to get rid of it from his system as soon as possible.

Neff fans should be relieved as he appears to be handling the situation well and doesn't plan on letting it affect him.