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Ser Winter, Zuckles were banned from OTV Rust server: Here is what happened

Zuckles and Ser Winter have been banned from the OTV Rust server, for different reasons.
Zuckles and Ser Winter have been banned from the OTV Rust server, for different reasons.
Rishabh B.
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 00:06 IST

A few days ago, popular Rust streamers Ser Winter and Mason “Zuckles” Bradford were banned from the Offline TV Rust server for various reasons.

Both Zuckles and Ser Winter are long time Rust streamers who have interacted with newer streamers in the game rather controversially. Zuckles was banned after he “meta-gamed” fellow streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel.

Ser Winter has found himself banned after various abuses of the OTV server. The OTV Rust server is dedicated to roleplay, and Ser Winter recently ambushed and killed Tyler "Trainwrecks" Niknam.

Despite defending himself initially, Ser Winter posted on Twitter to “humbly accept” the ba,n and he said that he was going to quit the OTV server anyway.

Why were Ser Winter and Zuckles banned from the OTV Rust Server?

Zuckles took advice from his Twitch chat, who had warned him about an incoming Rust raid from fellow streamer xQc. In such a situation, streamers are generally expected to ignore any piece of advice or information that their chat provides them by looking at the other streamer’s channel.

Instead of ignoring the advice, Zuckles went ahead and prepared himself for xQc’s raid, which in turn gave him an advantage. The act of “meta-gaming” involves using real-life information in order to gain an advantage in the video games - something that Zuckles was obviously guilty of. As a result, he was banned from the Offline TV Rust server by admins.


Ser Winter has been accused of using his expertise of the game in order to ruin the experience for newer streamers, who have only just joined the Offline TV Rust server.

Ser Winter initially appeared angry with the decision and tried to defend himself.


He posted multiple tweets defending himself and said that the streamer in question was acting as if he had "kicked his dog.”

Regardless, as can be seen in the tweets, he appeared to accept the Offline TV server admins’ decision and said that he was about to quit the server anyway. Moreover, as promised in the tweet, Ser Winter appears to have made up his mind to reveal further information about the situation in the coming time.

Published 14 Jan 2021, 00:05 IST
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