Snoop Dogg loses his mind on live stream while attempting to buy the RTX 3080 Ti

Snoop Dogg lost his calm during a recent live stream after failing to buy the new "Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti" GPU.
Snoop Dogg lost his calm during a recent live stream after failing to buy the new "Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti" GPU.

During a recent live stream, Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Cordozar Broadus Jr. lost his calm when he couldn’t buy a Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU on the internet.

Snoop Dogg was trying to purchase the RTX 3080 Ti graphics card that was released recently on June 3rd. The GPU comes with a dual axial flow design and promises a high level of performance at $1999.

However, owing to high demand and slight delay, the American singer/rapper, businessman and internet personality could not buy the GPU. He tried multiple websites, including the official Nvidia link, and ended up losing his calm after failing.

Snoop Dogg hilariously loses his calm after failing to buy the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU

Although Snoop Doog owes much of his success to his musical career that is almost 3 decades old, he has been active on Twitch since August 2017. Snoop Dogg currently has 391k followers on the platform, and streams a variety of games such as the Madden NFL series, NBA 2k20 and COD: Modern Warfare.

The streamer wanted to purchase the recently released graphics card and first went on to the official Nvidia website. It must also be noted that Snoop Dogg was trying to buy the graphics card just before 12 am, and wanted to be one of the customers who purchased it as soon as it was released, on June 3rd.


However, Snoop Dogg grew impatient, and could see that the website had not yet listed out the country-wise online stores on which the RTX 3080 Ti could be bought. He quickly made his way to and was eventually able to find the product. However, Snoop Dogg’s troubles were not over yet. The moment he clicked on the “Add to cart” button, the page refreshed.

Snoop Dogg could not take it anymore, and began to bang his desk in frustration. He screamed out the following, and looked very displeased with the situation:

“F**k. F**cking s**t. (Mumbles something) everything just went f***ing bad. F**k this s**t man, f**k!”

The rapper/streamer eventually got up and walked away from the camera. Snoop Dogg has reacted in such a manner in the past as well. He recently rage-quit a Madden NFL 21 stream after just 15 minutes.


Back then, Snoop Dogg got tired of his poor performance in the game, and forgot to switch off the stream for 8 hours!

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