“Solo queue at high MMR is dying”: LS opens up about how Tyler1 is keeping League of Legends alive on Twitch

LS discussed Tyler1 and League of Legends’ Twitch viewership (Images via LS, left/ Tyler 1, right)
LS discussed Tyler1 and League of Legends’ Twitch viewership (Images via LS, left/ Tyler 1, right)

The debate around League of Legends solo-queue is long and arduous, and the community has gone back-and-forth with its opinions several times.

While in-game toxicity has been one of the most talked-about evils in the MOBA, others point at issues that only some of the higher elo payers in the game face.


In a recent stream with Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek, former caster and T1 content creator Nick “LS” De Cesare opened up about how the lack of collaborative content is hampering solo-queue experiences in high MMR.

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LS said:

“Solo queue at high MMR is dying because there’s no collaborative content possible, and pro players can’t play with each other. They can’t stream, can’t make content, and all this other type of stuff.”

Players have been complaining about ranked matchmaking in higher MMRs for a very long time now. Not only do higher elo players have to wait a very long time to find a match, but professional players have also been complaining about higher ping, which has become a recurring problem in most regions.

LS opens up about Tyler1 and League of Legends’ Twitch viewership

League Nightmares:Worlds Edition ep1 podcast is up now. All things playins, meta, items, draft etc and predictions for groups:

In the stream, LS talked about T1’s content creator Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and how the streamer is one of the biggest reasons behind pulling in massive League of Legends viewership numbers on Twitch.

LS suggested:

“When Tyler1 is not online on Twitch, the League category is dead, for solo queue, pretty much. There are very few high MMR solo queue players playing the game right now.”

LS feels that very few high MMR players are still playing the game, and even fewer ones are actually streaming it and pulling in favorable viewership numbers.

This current state of the upper ranks tiers of League of Legends is quite problematic, and LS feels that it needs to change as soon as possible. Both LS and Nemesis think there is no alternative to this stagnation yet, as “flex queue” is not the solution.

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