Sony's alleged security breach may have affected millions of PS3 users around the world

PS3 users reportedly receiving bans as a result of Sony facing a data breach (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)
PS3 users reportedly receiving bans as a result of Sony facing a data breach (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

Sony has reportedly faced a security breach which resulted in millions of PS3 IDs being leaked to the hackers. This is thought to be the reason behind lots of PS3 users reporting in the PSN forums that they were banned for no reason whatsoever.

While there is not enough evidence to ratify the claim, it does not seem too far-fetched considering the circumstantial evidence at hand. There has been a significant influx of reports by PS3 users in PSN forums recently, regarding them being banned for no apparent reason.

Sony reportedly faced another security breach: PS3 users allegedly receiving bans as a result of this

A Spanish Youtuber, TheWizWiki, made a video reporting the alleged breach of PS3 IDs.


Apparently the hacking community found a list with all the serial ID numbers of all Sony's PS3 consoles. Sony allegedly didn’t have stringent security measures in place to prevent a breach like this.

The video states that there wasn't any encryption or any complex computational security lock by Sony to safekeep the PS3 IDs. Shockingly enough, Sony apparently stored them in a “simple folder” which a random hacker got hold of. It seems the hacker then spread the info to the wider hacking community.

This means that anyone can use the ID number of a console and do online hacking and other malicious things, while the rightful console owner does not know anything about this. As a result, the console can be randomly banned because Sony would think that the user has jailbroken the console.

PSNProfiles forum user GUDGER666 drew the conclusion that this alleged hack is the reason behind the significant PS3 ban reports in the forums.

Sony has not officially disclosed any information regarding this yet.

As it stands, Sony is not new when it comes to facing data breaches. The names, addresses, and other personal data of about 77 million people with accounts on its PlayStation Network (PSN) were stolen in 2011.

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If the recently alleged incident is true, it is surely going to put a dent on Sony’s reputation as a competent company to safeguard its users’ sensitive information.

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