"Sorry for no new videos": MrBeast shares COVID-19 recovery update, reassures he's back to making videos

The YouTuber revealed that he was struggling after his COVID-19 recovery. (Image via MrBeast, YouTube)
The YouTuber revealed that he was struggling after his COVID-19 recovery. (Image via MrBeast, YouTube)

Noted philanthropist and YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson posted a Twitter update regarding his COVID-19 recovery earlier today.

The 23-year-old is one of the most popular YouTubers of all time and boasts more than 170 million subscribers across his channels. He revealed via the Twitter post that he was suffering during his COVID-19 recovery.

The YouTuber claimed that he was continuously feeling tired even two weeks after receiving a negative COVID-19 test. He also revealed that he was feeling much better than before and promised to return to content creation soon.

MrBeast has finally recovered fully from COVID-19, is looking forward to making videos again

MrBeast has had a successful few months. However, the YouTuber contracted COVID-19 a few weeks ago and was apparently struggling. He posted a Twitter update related to his recovery earlier today. As can be seen in the tweet, he claimed that the virus hit him hard and that he was not feeling too good despite having tested negative two weeks ago.

MrBeast revealed that he was continuously tired but has almost recovered to his full health, claiming that he was feeling much more energetic than before. His fans will be happy about the update, and will be looking forward to his return to making videos. The YouTuber promised to return soon, and claimed that it was time for him to start “grinding” again.

The last video that the streamer posted on his main YouTube account involved a $1 million hide-and-seek game, on 19th December 2021, and has not been active since. This means that his upcoming video will be his first of 2022.


The YouTuber created his own version of the Squid Game Netflix series, which ended up being a huge success. He also organized the collaborative “TeamSeas” initiative with the goal of raising 30 million pounds to clean 30 million pounds of trash from the planet’s seas. The goal was swiftly achieved, with more than $30.5 already having been raised for the initiative.

Upon the streamer's full recovery, fans can expect further videos and philanthropic initiatives. As the above tweets suggest, most of his viewers were plenty excited with the news of his road to recovery.

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