Soul Regaltos' Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and more

Soul Regaltos' Free Fire details
Soul Regaltos' Free Fire details

If you are an avid PUBG Mobile fan, you ought to know Parv' Regaltos' Singh. He is a professional PUBG Mobile player and a member of Team Soul. With a ban imposed on this game by the Government of India, he recently streamed another popular battle royale title, Free Fire.

In this article, we provide his in-game details.

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Soul Regaltos' Free Fire ID

Regaltos' Free Fire ID is 44730525, and his IGN is regaltos.

Soul Regaltos' stats

Regaltos' all-time stats
Regaltos' all-time stats

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats refer to the cumulative stats of the ranked and classic modes across all seasons. Regaltos has played only a few games, and hasn't unlocked the ranked mode. He has played only a handful of classic games across all the modes as well.

The famous PUBG Mobile player has played a total of eight squad games, and has two Booyahs to his name. Parv has registered 17 kills and has a good K/D ratio of 2.83.

Regaltos has also played five duo games, and has two kills in them. He has also played three solo games.

(It is crucial to note that his lifetime stats include four squad games, three duo games and three solo games that he played in earlier seasons)

Classic stats (Present season)

Classic stats of the pro
Classic stats of the pro

Classic stats refer to the standalone stats of the classic games that he has played in the current season.

Regaltos has played a total of four squad games and won two of them, racking up 17 kills with an awe-inspiring K/D ratio of 8.5. Regaltos also has played two duo games and has two kills.

Clash Squad career stats

He has played a single Clash Squad game and won it.

(Note: The stats used in the article were recorded at the time of writing, and the numbers might change as the season progresses)

His YouTube Channel

Regaltos started his journey on YouTube by creating content relating to Mini Militia in January 2018. After the launch of PUBG Mobile, he switched games. Since then, he has 400 uploads on his channel and has garnered 1.64 million subscribers, and almost 198 million views combined.

Click here to visit his channel.

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