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Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact: Is the new polearm good for Xiao?

(Image via Lumie_Lumie Twitter)
(Image via Lumie_Lumie Twitter)
Modified 21 Feb 2021

Genshin Impact has finally announced the inclusion of the long-awaited 5-star polearm Staff of Homa.

The Epitome Invocation banner coming to Genshin Impact on February 23rd will feature the 5-star weapon Staff of Homa, Wolf's Gravestone, and other 4-star weapons.

Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact: Is the new polearm good for Xiao?

Stats of "Staff of Homa"

Staff of Homa (Image via Mihoyo)
Staff of Homa (Image via Mihoyo)

Passive ability:

Reckless Cinnabar- When a character wields this polearm, the HP of the character will be increased by 20%. Additionally, it will provide an ATK bonus scaled with 0.8% of the character's max HP to the wielder. When the character's HP falls below 50%, the ATK bonus will be increased by 1% of the max HP.

Base ATK: 46

Maxed base ATK (Lv90): 608


Secondary stat: CRIT DMG

Secondary state base value: 14.4%

Maxed secondary stat value(Lv90): 66.2%

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The polearm's passive ability relies heavily on the wielding character's max HP; the more the HP, the more the benefits. Characters like Hu Tao with higher base HP are designed to benefit the most out of it.

However, the weapon can be deadly when paired with Xiao too. Players who don't have Xiao's signature 5-star polearm Primordial Winged Spear can make the best out of him by utilizing the insane passive abilities of Staff of Homa.

This is similar to Xiao's 4th constellation perks, which grants him a 100% DEF bonus when his HP falls below 50%. The staff of Homa can provide him with an additional ATK bonus in the same condition.

The secondary stat of 66.2% CRIT DMG can compensate for the artifact's CRIT DMG. This is important when players are struggling to get a CRIT DMG circlet of their preferred 4-piece artifact set.

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When Xiao's elemental burst "Bane of All Evil" is in action, Xiao continuously drains HP to obtain the jumping, AoE DMG, and Anemo infusion abilities.

Staff of Homa's passive ability grants 20% additional HP to the wielding character. This will allow Xiao to continue the burst attacks without worrying about being a glass cannon.

The HP, ATK, and CRIT DMG bonuses that Xiao gains from this weapon, make the Staff of Homa the best 5-star polearm after the Primordial Winged Spear.


Players lacking a good weapon for Xiao can wish on the Epitome Invocation banner starting on February 23rd in Genshin Impact.

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Published 21 Feb 2021, 20:20 IST
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