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Starfield bounty hunting
Starfield bounty hunter guide (Image via Sportskeeda)

If you are looking to get your Cowboy Bebop and experience the life of a bounty hunter in space, then Starfield has you covered. Throughout the vast expanses of space, you will come across a lot of wanted criminals whom you will be able to take down for a lot of cash. With bounty hunting being one of the best ways to earn credits in Bethesda’s latest RPG, it’s not all that surprising why there are many in the community who are looking for ways to make the most of the system.

While the bounty hunting job is pretty straightforward, as you simply need to go to the location, take out your target, and call it a day, acquiring the bounty to take on the mission is what many players are confused with.

The bounty hunter’s guild in Starfield is called the Trackers Alliance, and you will be able to make your way to certain kiosks to take on missions. This Starfield guide will therefore go over everything you need to know about the bounty hunting system.

How to collect bounty missions in Starfield

Bounty Mission Board (Image via Starfield)
Bounty Mission Board (Image via Starfield)

There are two ways that you can go about getting bounty-hunting missions in Starfield:

1) Accept missions from the Trackers Alliance agents

The first and most basic way of obtaining a bounty mission will be to collect it from an agent of the Trackers Alliance. You will find these NPCs all throughout your exploration of space, and easily spot them thanks to the bulky and unique armor they wear.

You will be able to interact with them in order to get your hands on bounty-hunting missions.

2) Getting missions from Mission Boards

Another simple way of obtaining bounty missions in the game will be to make your way to the Trackers Alliance kiosks which can be found in faction headquarters and bars on settled planets.

Once you find such kiosks (one can be found at the Viewport bar in New Atlantis) you will be able to interact with it and bring up a list of available bounties.

The bounties will be segregated in terms of difficulty, and will usually involve taking out a target, destroying a ship, or even time-limited delivery missions. The rewards for the missions will be noted to the right of the bounty itself. Once you have accepted a bounty, the objective will now be shown in your mission log.

Bounty Missions (Image via Starfield)
Bounty Missions (Image via Starfield)

How to complete bounty hunts in Starfield

After obtaining a bounty mission, you will then notice the objective that needs to be completed in the mission log. Depending on the bounty hunt you have opted for, the completion requirement will change. However, the easier ones to complete are the ones that task you to destroy a ship rather than just taking out one target.

All you need to do is make your way to the quest market, find your target, and take them out. Once the target is dead or destroyed, you will then automatically earn the reward bounty.

Bounty hunting is something that players are advised to invest a fair bit of time in as it’s one of the best ways to make credits fast.

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