Steam Winter Sale 2022: 5 best sports game deals

Flex you savings by grabbing some of these sports games at budget-friendly rates (Images via Steam)
Flex you savings by grabbing some of these sports games at budget-friendly rates (Images via Steam)

Steam Winter Sale 2022 is on, and it’s a great chance for players to treat themselves by buying games at heavily discounted prices. Kicking off from December 22 onwards, the Steam Winter Sale 2022 will continue until January 5, 2023.

Come one, come all, to the Steam Winter Sale - starting December 22nd, pick up discounts on thousands of games, vote in the Steam Awards, and earn badges and stickers!Make a list and check it twice - the Winter Sale will be here in less than a week!

Interested buyers can simply log in to their Steam account to enjoy the discounts. To avoid the hassle, game discounts on the Steam Winter Sale 2022 official webpage are categorized according to their respective genres.

This feature looks at some of the best sports game deals in this year’s Steam Winter Sale.

Note: The article displays the discount offers available in India and only reflects the writer’s personal game choices

FIFA 23 and four other great sports game deals up for grabs at Steam Winter Sale 2022

1) FIFA 23 (60% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 3499
  • Discount Offer: Rs 1399

FIFA 23 is one of the most immersive entries in the franchise. The game uses an advanced HyperMotion feature that captures the most realistic movements of players. The mechanic truly propels the FIFA experience to an all-new level.

This Steam Winter Sale, the game's price has been slashed by 60%. So, for anyone who hasn't tried FIFA 23 yet, this week’s the best time to check it out.

2) WWE2K22 (67% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 3299
  • Discount Offer: Rs 1088

After almost a decade of churning out disappointing gaming titles riddled with bugs and glitches, the WWE franchise finally came up with a well-polished release in WWE2K22.

Made from a re-designed engine, WWE2K22 features smooth combat systems with all-new controls. The title offers a deep dive into player character customization and story-building like never before, and even a cool new feature to form gangs with other wrestlers from the rooster.

3) NBA2K23 (65% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 3299
  • Discount Offer: Rs 1154

NBA 2K23 is a brilliant addition to an already exceptional basketball game series. The title improves gameplay from the previous year’s edition while incorporating bespoke game modes.

For instance, the brand-new Jordan Challenge mode lets gamers follow Michael Jordan himself by beginning a humble career at a college in North Carolina. Users can play through 15 of Michael Jordan’s epic games that defined his career.

4) Madden NFL 23 (50% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 2999
  • Discount Offer: Rs 1499

Perhaps one of the best representations of modern-day American football in a game so far, Madden NFL 23 has devised a lot of on-field improvements regarding player movement mechanics and skill-based passing systems.

Suffice to say, Madden NFL 23 is an indubitable step up from its predecessors. Interested buyers can purchase it at a flat 50% discount at the Steam Winter Sale 2022.

5) Olli Olli World Rad Edition (40% off)

  • Original Price: Rs 3549
  • Discount Offer: Rs 1529

Olli Olli World is a vibrant skateboarding action-adventure RPG title teeming with tricks, competition, and fun. Taking place in the colorful world of Radlandia, players will come across upbeat characters throughout the story. This brand-new skateboarding action platformer’s Rad Edition should definitely be on your winter bucket list.

The Olli Olli World Rad Edition, available at a 40% discount at the Steam Winter Sale 2022, comes with the original title and a fun new DLC called Olli Olli World: VOID Riders, where Radlandia gets invaded by extraterrestrial species.

This wraps up our feature on some of the best sports game deals available at the Steam Winter Sale 2022. However, that’s not all. Users can access many in-game stickers, goodies, and cool digital accessories deals.

So, check out the website thoroughly to grab some rare collectibles. The Winter Sales started on December 22 and will last until January 5 next year. Take full advantage of the great deals available now.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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