Steelrising Alchemy guide: How do Afflictions work?

Steelrising's Alchemy system includes the ability to trigger status ailments, via the Affliction system (Image via Spiders)

Instead of the usual magic option commonly found in RPGs, Aegis has access to Alchemy in Steelrising, capable of producing some terrific, game-changing effects. Through Alchemy, players can produce a few status ailments, known as Afflictions. However, enemies are able to use Alchemy as well, so it’s important to know how these work, what can be done about them, and what they do specifically.

Alchemy can be a powerful elemental force in Steelrising, so here’s what is known about the various Afflictions players may use or encounter in their playthroughs.


What Steelrising players need to know about Afflictions

As players deal Alchemic damage to their foes, a small gauge will fill up near the enemy in question. Once this gauge is fully filled, depending on what the player is using, one of three Afflictions will be triggered. This Affliction will remain on the enemy until that gauge is completely empty.

To use Alchemical attacks in any form, players will require Alchemical Capsules, items that can be purchased at the Boutique. Occasionally, enemies may also drop them, so it would be wise to keep an eye out for these useful items.


Currently, Steelrising has three different Alchemical Afflictions. Each has its own uses as well as different ways to deal with them, should players be on the receiving end.

1) Flame Affliction

The Flame Affliction will set opponents on fire, causing them to take constant damage. It can be triggered with Aegis’ Alchemists Ram attack, or by any weapon that has Alchemical Flame attacks.


Should Steelrising players be affected by this Affliction in-game, it extinguishes faster by moving around and constantly dodging. This Affliction is ideal if players want to deal constant damage while they momentarily retreat to regenerate.

2) Frost Affliction

As its name implies, the Frost Affliction roots its target to the spot with ice. For a short period of time, the target cannot move, making it the perfect time to prepare a powerful attack on that enemy. Interestingly, Alchemist’s Dash applies Frost Affliction.


If Aegis becomes frozen, attacking will help her thaw out. It's also worth noting that this Affliction synergizes well with knockdown effects to further increase a player's combat advantage.

3) Fulmination Affliction

Lightning is a powerful force, and so is the Fulmination Affliction. Each time a target is hit, they get electrocuted, which deals extra damage. The Bishop’s Hook can easily apply Fulmination Affliction to targets.


If the worst happens and Aegis is hit by this Affliction, the Insulation Elixir is a quick remedy. They are available at the Boutique or can be found in the game by exploring. When considering Fulmination, players will likely have to use light attacking weapons and chain attacks. As it deals damage every time an opponent is struck, agility-based strikes are the path to victory.

There are plenty of weapons in Steelrising, but for Alchemical weapons, perhaps the best choice is the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket, which can be obtained early on in the game. Players can also deal Alchemic damage through Alchemic Grenades or through other weapons with Alchemic elements connected to them.

Mastering how to use these Afflictions and knowing what to do to reverse them is vital to players' success in dealing with the Tyrant King and bringing an end to the French Revolution in Steelrising.

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