Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, and stats in June 2021

Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID is 97653930.
Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID is 97653930.

The popularity of Free Fire has led to the emergence of content creators throughout the world. Few have achieved incredible feats that have further encouraged exemplary players to assume this role.

Sudip Sarkar is an Indian Free Fire content creator known for his enthralling montages. He grew from 380k subscribers to 1.22 million in about a year.

This article provides users with an overview of Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and other details.

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Sudip Sarkar’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 97653930.

Lifetime stats

Lifetime stats
Lifetime stats

Sudip Sarkar has competed in 32,807 squad games and has a win tally of 10,220, resulting in a win percentage of 31.15%. He has accumulated 123,590 frags at a K/D ratio of 5.47.

He has featured in 1,476 duo matches and has won 221 of those, adding up to a win ratio of 14.97%. With 4,039 kills, the YouTuber has a K/D ratio of 3.22.

Sudip Sarkar has 1,353 solo matches against his name and has registered 116 Booyahs, maintaining a win ratio of 8.57%. He has 3,351 frags at a K/D ratio of 2.71.

Ranked stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

Sudip Sarkar has won 139 of the 494 squad games in the ranked season 21, which comes down to a win percentage of 28.13%. In the process, he eliminated 1,803 foes for a K/D ratio of 5.08.

In addition to this, he has played 18 duo games and three solo matches but is yet to secure a victory. He has 32 and 10 kills, respectively retaining a K/D ratio of 1.78 and 3.33.

Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Free Fire.

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YouTube channel


The oldest video on his channel was posted back in July 2019. Since then, 61 million total views have been generated from the 391 videos he has uploaded. In addition, he has a subscriber account of 1.22 million.

This player has gained 30k subscribers since the last month and garnered 2.29 million views.

Readers can click this link to visit his YouTube channel.

Social media handles

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