Summit Shaper in Genshin Impact: Stats, Passive effect, and suitable characters

Summit Shaper is a powerful 5-star sword in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
Summit Shaper is a powerful 5-star sword in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
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In Genshin Impact, the Summit Shaper sword is one of the four items in the Liyue weapon series.

Memory of Dust and the new Polar Star are currently headlining the weapon banner in Genshin Impact. However, many players are speculating that the 5-star sword, Summit Shaper, will soon reappear in the gacha.

This article covers all the important details about Summit Shaper and suggests some good characters to use it with.

Summit Shaper stats and passive effect in Genshin Impact

level 90 summit shaper WOOOOO

At level 90, Summit Shaper has a base attack of 608, which is somewhat average for a 5-star sword. Additionally, this weapon provides a 49.6% buff to a character's ATK stat when fully leveled.

Thanks to its passive effect, a character equipped with Summit Shaper gets a 20% boost to their shield strength. Also, hitting enemies with Summit Shaper triggers a buff that may stack up to five times. On hit, Summit Shaper’s wielder gets a 4% ATK bonus for 8 seconds. Both the ATK buff and the shield buff grow stronger as the weapon is refined.

Best Genshin Impact characters to use Summit Shaper

Keqing with Summit Shaper (Image via Koinzell/YouTube)
Keqing with Summit Shaper (Image via Koinzell/YouTube)

Summit Shaper is a great sword for several characters in Genshin Impact. Main DPS characters often have better options than a weapon with an ATK% substat. However, Keqing and Ayaka can benefit from the sword's stacked ATK buffs. Moreover, with a shield support like Zhongli, the main DPS can benefit from the added shield bonus.

Summit Shaper can work very well with sub-DPS characters as well. When Albedo is built for burst support, Summit Shaper becomes one of his best possible weapons. Players just need to land a few hits with him to max out the ATK bonus before using their burst.

Also, as a Geo character, it's very easy for Albedo to create a shield and take advantage of Summit Shaper's shield buff.


Summit Shaper may not be the most popular 5-star sword in Genshin Impact, but the weapon can still be very useful when used correctly. Players using Summit Shaper should try to maintain maximum stacks on the sword for its 20% ATK buff, or even more if the weapon is refined.

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