"Stupidly annoying": Summit1g hilariously rages over Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode, exits afterward

Summit1g loses cool over Hearthstone's rigorous challenge mode (Image via Twitch/summit1g)
Summit1g loses cool over Hearthstone's rigorous challenge mode (Image via Twitch/summit1g)
Vibha Hegde

Twitch streamer Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar is seemingly done with Hearthstone's Battlegrounds mode for now, after his latest go at it ended in him exiting the game.

Frustrated by the amount of things that needed to be done mid-game, Lazar exploded and voiced his anger at the game's mechanics, which his Twitch chat found thoroughly entertaining to watch.

"F**king stupidly annoying. Stupidly f**king annoying."

Summit1g annoyed by Hearthstone Battlegrounds' gameplay

During his recent stream, Lazar put on quite an explosive display for his fans after losing his cool in Hearthstone's tough game mode.

Watching his side get taken down card-by-card, Lazar expressed annoyance at how the in-game timer limited his actions:

"I'm so f**king over Battlegrounds."
"'Oh, you guys, you didn't pick, let me pick for you. How about, 'I get it,' I ran out of time, I don't get to play the f**king card. Can I still pick the f**king card?"

After his loss was declared, an exasperated Lazar said:

"Dude, I don't know wh- who in their right mind would ever play Battlegrounds over normal Hearthstone. I'm f**king mindblown. That is the most stressful f**king dumb sh** I've ever played."

Lazar then began mocking the supposed flow of activities the game needs the player to accomplish within its extremely limited timeframe:

"Hey, gold, sell this! Gold, sell, this! Gold- [indistinct noises] oh my f**king God!"

The streamer, clearly at this wit's end, proceeded to exit the game. However, his rant continued.

Before moving on, he mimicked the game's flow once again, borderline traumatized by Battlegrounds' mechanics. Safe to say, the streamer will not be playing the game mode any time soon.

Fans react to Summit1g's Hearthstone Battlegrounds attempt

While hearing Lazar's hilarious rant about the game mode, his chat was seemingly split between a mix of concern and enjoyment at watching him explode.

Screenshot via Twitch/Summit1g
Screenshot via Twitch/Summit1g

Luckily for Lazar, he has a plethora of game titles to fall back on while he recovers from his horrific gameplay experience.

As of late, the Twitch streamer has been playing a ton of Escape from Tarkov, displaying the sharp game sense and wit he's picked up over the past few weeks of grinding.

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