Sykkuno absolutely loses it at viewers in first 5 minutes of stream

Sykkuno lashed out at trolls on chat (Image via Pinterest, JACE CAMACHO)
Sykkuno lashed out at trolls on chat (Image via Pinterest, JACE CAMACHO)
Matthew Wilkins

Popular streamer Thomas "Sykkuno" addressed his chat during a recent live stream after taunts were hurled at him by a random viewer. The incident took place after one viewer began mocking him in chat about ending his live stream, mere minutes after he had started.

However, Sykkuno was in no mood to deal with the troublemaker and promptly dismissed him:

"I just started my stream, like two minutes ago; you already want me to end it? I'm just going to time this guy out; that's rude. Imagine showing up to my stream, within five minutes of it starting, to tell me to end my stream. What a maniac."

Despite being one of the calmest and most soft-spoken streamers out there, Sykkuno reached his bursting point during this live stream.

Viewers, at times, tend to forget that social media can be an unforgiving place, even for the biggest of names out there.

Following his outburst, a short while later, another viewer told Sykkuno that "you've changed," to which the streamer replied:

"Yup, that's right, guys. I can't believe I actually time out people who are mean. Who could have seen that coming? Not me. Usually, the mods do it, but look, it's been happening the whole time."

Sykkuno asks viewers to let him enjoy Rust as he sees fit

On yet another stream, while enjoying a game of Rust with fellow streamers like Corpse Husband, Seán William "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin, and Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang, Sykkuno was once again forced to call out viewers:

"If I'm being completely honest, I half expected it, but a lot of people who you know, we're not super friendly in this game... just because it's an open-world game...and I understand a lot of people want to see it played the way they want to. However, the fact is guys, me, and my friends are playing, so I just ask that you guys respect how we want to play, and I hope you guys enjoy it."

He added that it's just a casual game, and people being critical and mean doesn't help:

"I know that most people aren't trying to make it worse, but unfortunately, that's something they don't see from the other side. So you know, next time we play, be polite; I think I'll help. Everyone plays at their own pace, and that's that."

It clearly shows that of late, the streamer has been put under pressure by toxic viewers, and by the looks of it, things don't seem to be improving for the most part. However, through it, all Sykkuno still manages to keep a smile on his face and carries on doing what he loves.

Readers can watch the video here:


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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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