Disguised Toast makes an error ruining an Among Us game with Sykkuno, Corpse & Valkyrae

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang might be one of the smartest Among Us streamers the community has come across, but his recent stream reiterated that even the best make mistakes.

The Canadian streamer was streaming Among Us with Valkyrae, Sykkuno and Corpse Husband (also known as 'amigops' by the entire community) among several others. Disguised Toast gave himself away as an imposter, leaving the other streamers in fits.

Miyoung "Kkatamina" Kang caught Bretman Rock and Toast emerging from electrical after killing Valkyrae, because of which Rock was voted off, leaving Toast as the sole imposter in the star-studded game.

Before the next round began, Disguised Toast was caught sharing his tactics. The only problem, however, was that Toast hadn’t actually muted himself and accidentally broadcasted these thoughts to the entire call, completely giving himself away to the rest of the crewmates.

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The group failed to control their laughter and burst out laughing with Kkatamina calling an emergency meeting. As expected, Disguised Toast was voted off and the Canadian streamer even voted for himself. Such was the gravity of the error.

Kkatamina revealed after the deed was done that she had caught him emerging from electrical after killing Valkyrae, iterating that it was a matter of time before Toast was kicked off.

Disguised Toast not invited for Jimmy Fallon's debut Twitch stream

InnerSloth's murder-mystery title, Among Us, came out in 2018, but was invirograted in 2020 by streamers like Valkyrae, Pokimane, Sykkuno, Corpse Husband and Disguised Toast among several others.

The title marked a symbiotic relationship for both the title and the streamers. Among Us broke several viewership records on Twitch, which also benefitted streamers like Valkyrae, who went on to bag the Content Creator of the Year Award at the Game Awards.

Disguised Toast is considered to be the smartest Among Us streamer. Sadly, he was left out of Jimmy Fallon's debut Among Us stream on Twitch, which featured other members of the quartet.

The former Hearthstone pro was pretty upset over the decision and stated that the driving reason behind his exclusion was that he was not "as big as the other streamers."

This prompted a reply from Valkyrae, who went on to say that she would've definitely picked him if she had a say in the matter.

Be that as is may, Among Us has enjoyed its fair share of success because of streamers like Disguised Toast, and it has shown very few signs of slowing down since its emergence last year.

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