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SypherPK breaks yet another Fortnite world record

Image via SypherPK/YouTube
Image via SypherPK/YouTube
Modified 22 Dec 2020, 13:30 IST

Ali "SypherPK" Hassan and his teammates attempted to complete a four corners exotic weapon challenge, and in the process, they broke a Fortnite world record.

A four-corner exotic challenge was the popular YouTuber's goal, along with teammates Nickeh30, SanchoWest, and BonsaiBroz. The aim of the challenge was to retrieve every exotic weapon currently available in Fortnite and win the game as well. It's a feat that hasn't been achieved yet, until the streamer tried his hand.

The best part is that SypherPK and his team accidentally completed the world record run due to the gift boxes in Fortnite for the holiday event and map. There are currently seven exotics on the map, if retrieved from NPCs like any other.

However, gift boxes provide a small chance to get an exotic weapon drop, which makes it possible to have eight exotic weapons.

SypherPK and exotic weapons in Fortnite

What made the run even more impressive and accidental than the four corners exotic weapon run itself is the eighth exotic from the gift box. Because of the random nature of the gift boxes, getting that eighth exotic or an exotic at all is a complete chance. Getting seven exotics before that random is even more unlikely.

The challenge is challenging because of the difficult nature of acquiring exotic weapons. Weapons like the Big Chill snowball launcher, for example, are over 1,400 gold bars. That's currently the most expensive exotic weapon in the game, but the others aren't cheap. To obtain them all through currency, it would cost thousands.


Next would be simply finding them. Some exotics are purchased from an NPC at one of two locations. So if a player goes to one place to get the weapon, and the NPC is gone, they need to find the next area. It makes the search process more difficult.

If other Fortnite players purchase the weapons themselves, they can hopefully be hunted down, and their exotic weapons can be taken instead. All of that searching on top of the need to stay alive can make the challenge world record worthy.

To finish up the Fortnite challenge, SypherPK combined an inventory full of exotics, along with his teammates' help, to kill the last player in one long trick shot. It took a few attempts, but the challenge ended with a great display.

Published 22 Dec 2020, 13:30 IST
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